A Ball Python Slithers Out Of Toilet, Bites Florida Man

The Daily Caller

A Florida resident met with a surprising visit from a 4-foot snake, which bit the man on the arm after slithering out of his toilet Sunday morning.

The man was treated at the scene, though the ball python was not poisonous. It is unclear how the snake got into the apartment’s toilet, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. More

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  1. I had a gopher snake come out of my toilet in calif decades ago. Snakes are sneaky bastards. I hate snakes.

  2. Ok, this is just crap. (hehe, crap … get it? sigh, oh well).

    When I was young, I saw a big black spider in the toilet. As soft as I am for bugs and critters, I just freaked out. I flushed the toilet about 5 times, laid down a few layers of toilet paper so he couldn’t climb back out, hurried to do my business and checked the toilet thoroughly for the next few years.

    Now this. Geeze.

  3. Claudia maybe for sunday pics you can put up some of snakes spiders etc. In a toliet.

  4. Just pass’n thru, I just did a ‘pest’ critter post a few weeks ago. I should have thought of that one! I’ll save your idea for the next one I do.


  5. Several years ago a woman on a septic system had a snake with his head poking up out of the toilet while she was sitting on it. The theory was somehow it got into the septic tank or sewer lines and crawled up into the toilet looking for an escape.
    Regardless of how it happened I always look in the toilet before I sit down. I’d die of a heart attack if a snake came slithering up to say hi.

  6. Years ago on A Prairie Home Companion they had a sponsor called The Fearmongers Shop that sold special toilet seats for just this type of occurrence that sat about 4 ft. or so above the toilet so a snake couldn’t creep up on you and bite you in the ass while you were taking a dump. And my poor youngest brother on his way home from Kindergarten stopped at the outhouse in the city park and there was a black widow spider who had built a web in the center of the toilet seat and even though he was a little kid he had enough sense to not take a dump there and he ended up crapping his pants. He didn’t really say how he explained that to our mom but she probably would’ve laughed after telling him he did the right thing.


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