A Band Of Incompetents

Greg Barker/HBO

Obama and his national security team are bound to go down in history as the least effective, if not the most destructive, to world peace this country has ever produced. As evidence of their helpless flaying, we have “The Final Year.”
A documentary currently on HBO and in limited release in theaters.  It follows his team of hacks and losers as they travel the world offering up platitudes and empty rhetoric while declaring victory from capitulation and selling out of the American people.  More   —  Trailer

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  1. The trailer gave me projectile vomiting and diarrhea, I don’t think I could watch the movie. I know what Rhodes was so shocked about Hill’s lost, because he didn’t cover his tracks enough and they will be coming for him and his boss.

  2. The trailer alone gave me projectile vomiting and diarrhea, don’t know if I could stand the entire movie. I know why Ben Rhodes was so shocked about Hill’s loss. They will be coming for him and his boss and he knows it.

  3. This is precisely how history is rewired in favor of the Left. This is why it’s not known in popular culture that the SCOTUS struck down almost every one of FDR’s New Deal programs for their unconstitutionality.

  4. A collection of buffoons that a foolish public loosed on the machinery of government. The amount of damage they caused couldn’t be matched by nuclear strike.
    Lets all hope the slower voters realize this so that it won’t be repeated.

  5. The review of “The final Year” at thefederalist.com and hollywoodreporter.com (both at links above) couldn’t be more polarized in their differences. Both are a good read just for the stark difference!

  6. “Dismantle”, dismantle hell, sorry Red, President Trump has taken a flame thrower to O’Baja’s policies.

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