A Beautiful Cat Enters Our Pet Portrait Gallery

This is Charlotte, a beautiful feline.


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  1. I am a cat psychologist.
    Charlotte is a calico kitty.
    Only female cats are calico.
    When she wants attention she will rub
    on you,get in your face or in front of the
    computer screen.When she is finished with
    you rubing or petting her she will scratch
    and nip you to let you know SHE IS DONE with you.
    Am I right ??? BTW {I love all cats} and had a few!

  2. Bb,
    I bet you are Sir!
    I am jealous and envious of you
    because you have worked with
    precision machine shop equipment.
    I always wanted to be a precision machinist.

  3. That’s my Char Char! I miss this kitty girl and the portrait is wonderful. Charlotte was dumped and had kittens in the barn the summer I had cancer. I could only sleep a couple hours at a time and would go outside. Charlotte kept me company and kept my spirits up. She was only 16 when she passed away from lymphoma. She looks like she has something on her mind and is ready to tell you. The portrait is truly a treasure.

    @RADIOATIONMAN, you nailed it! That describes Charlotte perfectly. When she did her light nip she would make this chirp at the same time.

    We named her after ‘Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte’. The putative father of her kittens was Dr. Drew. We still have Roscoe, one of her kittens, who is now 15 yrs. old. We also have a Mizz Jewel (Mayhew) kitty.

    Thank you for this treasure BFH!
    IOTWers this is the 2nd cat portrait BFH has done for me. YOU need to get yours.

  4. Cats, I can taken or leave them. But I watched the Wifey patiently befriend an awesome feral Cat. AKA Mama Kitty. This all took place at our shop. Six months later that damn cat was laying on my freaken computer key board while I was trying to do actual work shit. She got knocked up so we took her home. Big mistake. To much going on for her, she gave birth and split. We saw that liter through. Most died early. Snakes, hawks, owls. But the few that live on continue the blood line to this day.

  5. Joe, If you’re going to get a cat, adopt a Kitten. One of the last living relatives of Momma Kitty occasionally likes to jump up and sleep with us at night. Pretty independent damn critters so we always welcome her up. No Ticks so far.

  6. joe6pak

    Yea, that’s where I’m at. Unless we keep them in the refrigerator not a friendly environment. Except for Mama Kitties off spring. We watched one of her offspring battle a Rattle Snake 4 years ago. A baby snake, no matter we arrive at the end of the battle but the cat won. Something about that blood line. They won’t retrieve ducks though so fuck them.

  7. Brad, one thing about those cats, they are fearless, and quick. I ended up with a case of cat scratch fever thinking I could eventually beat a kitty in a slap contest. What a maroon I am sometimes.

  8. @RADIOATIONMAN 10:51pm Spot on! We’ve had several calicos as well & your description is absolutely correct! More of a dog person, especially Labs, but tolerate good cats like calicos.

  9. Eugenia, I noticed the look on her face, especially the eyes, right away. I knew something was going on in that little brain of hers!

    It is SO amazing how Fur captures the essence of each critter in their eyes. Such talent.


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