A Big F***ing Failure -Obamcare At 10 Years

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Ten years ago this month, when President Obama Barack was signing Obamacare into law, Vice President Joe Biden said to him in a stage whisper “This is a big f***ing deal.” A decade later, Obamacare has turned out to be a big f***ing failure. And Biden is now promising to expand it.

Remember “you can keep your plan”? Or “family premiums will go down by $2,500”? How about the claim that Obamacare would cut the number of uninsured in half? That it would dramatically reduce the federal deficit? And that it would make the health care industry more efficient?

None of it came true. The very name of the law – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – was an exercise in false advertising.

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  1. I work for a big company but the health insurance is very expensive and you don’t get a penny back unless something major happens. I looked into catastrophic health insurance and it’s much cheaper and covers the same thing. Since Obamacare the insurance companies who wrote the bill have made much more money.

  2. I have to cut a $20,000 check to the IRS in April.
    The majority of that is for healthcare since we made a tad bit too much again in 2019.
    Not only did our premiums not go down, it went up. a LOT.
    The remainder is thanks to the state of illinshitois.

    $46 dollars PER DAY for healthcare.

    what a goddamn fucking waste. Our only care was 4 stitches, a torn rotator cuff and wart removal which we had to pay an additional $1500 for copay and uncovered costs. I could have done it all myself — Dr. ecp — with $1 super glue, $3 ace bandage, and $5 liquid nitrogen.

  3. Well, I’m using the hell out of our plan right now and we have a great plan. Killing O care once and for all would definitely help but much more needs to be done. Tort Reform, policies across state lines, etc. Also from what I’ve been through I would have to say it’s not the insurance companies cashing in. It’s the Labs and the Hospitals.
    But bottom line is the Government needs to get the hell out of our health care.

  4. No where in the Constitution is health care assigned to the Federal government. It’s a giant hoax from the beginning, Everybody who signed that was constitutional should be hanged, right after their fair trial. Including any high court injustices,

  5. Tort Reform, policies across state lines, etc.
    But bottom line is the Government needs to get the hell out of our health care.

    YEP, But the lib-tards and moon-bats will never see the logic of the truth…

  6. I pay $17,400 a year for my own health insurance because of that prick Obama. Before that shit head was elected I could insure my family of 5 for $6500. That lying bastard said we needed to insure the 30 million who were uninsured. Today, we still have 30 million uninsured. FUCK FUCK FUCK OBAMA!!!

  7. 0bamacare changed prescription policies, too. Used to be I could get a Rx for one full year. Now, I have to go to the doctor every 3 months to get Rx for insulin, plus labs. Because, ‘ rules. ‘ Which means if I have any other medical issues, I have to live with them, because I already pay an extra 1,000 on appointments and lab work, not including the $300 in meds per month.

    Thanks assholes. I hope you 0bamatards get mugged by your policies, sideways, with a fork smothered in bengay.

  8. odumbocare was not designed to help healthcare, but to enable fascism.

    that idiot hillary clinton blew the election, and destroyed the potential for odumbocare.

    Still, it remains law that is easily manipulated by the sitting president. That said, we are one election away from odumbocare becoming the fascist enabling act it was designed to be.

  9. Where is that little boy that stood by the table when The BASTARD gay imam from the ex-white mosque signed the sodomized medicine law? Does anyone know?

  10. O-Care was always a Trojan Horse designed to fail so the Democrats could swoop in with universal healthcare to save it.

    Democrats are evil, demon-infested thugs.
    (Disagree? Who adores murder by abortion?)


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