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A Bigger Pantload of Disinfo You Will Not Find

Some beta male proclaims that the Republicans lost the midterms (the Republicans WON the midterms. They picked up the house. The left LOST the house) because all they do is complain while offering no solutions, and they only seek power.

They say no one is interested in Hunter’s laptop, and to pursue will mean Biden will win again

They are also still very frightened of Trump.


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11 Comments on A Bigger Pantload of Disinfo You Will Not Find

  1. THEY do it right in your face.
    You got CLOTS for Brains?


    Told you it was an IQ lowerer.

  2. I’m sure your let us know just how that winning feels. My thoughts, the past tells me the House will have trouble & be in the barely functional category.

  3. “The republican party has no accountability”
    “I don’t see what good it’s going to do by doing CRAZY things like going after Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

    See, when republicans seek accountability, the morons laugh it off like it’s crazy. That’s why they don’t see any accountability.

    Heaven forbid those in the democrat party are held accountable for any of their wrongs. Maybe if they were we wouldn’t have high crime and inflation.

    But I digress, being able to afford things and the crime rate aren’t important to democrats, so it doesn’t matter what the republican plan is. It’s more important to seek alternate reality genders and legalize current crimes.

  4. Anyone who thinks Republicans are the answer, doesn’t understand the question. Never mind Hunter’s laptop; turn to on election reforms. This, of course, will not happen as neither party will do anything to endanger their sinecures, or their ability to line their pockets at our expense.

    We are not going to ‘vote’ our way out of this.

  5. @Catch Me. Ah bless you. Whether I’m sadistic or not has absolutely nothing to do with my comment. Simply stating the past lil one. Lets see 2016 through 2018 how much did the Republican led house get done. Well not a whole lot, even Trump was mad his bills couldn’t get passed. But heck go after Hunter’s laptop waste billions on it please do it. But that’s not what I was referring to, I am referring to legislation to help American get back on track. I see the past 2016-2018 repeating itself.

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