A Black Woman’s Brush With Portlandia White Progressives


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A black teacher from Atlanta was looking for a change, so she went to a jobs fair and was recruited by some people from Portland, Oregon.

They promised her the world, and she accepted. On day one she knew there was going to be a problem.

The kids of Portlandia were little snowflakes that screamed at their elders and got away with it because reprimanding them with a little dose of reality was “belittling.”

When parents were given evaluations of their little spun sugar works of art, the new teacher told them the truth.

“Your kid never shuts up, never wants to do work and is always either disrupting or wanting to play.”

The white hippie douchebags would call the school and say the teacher wasn’t giving enough “positive feedback.”

They wanted positive feedback, even if it meant saying, “your little monster says thank you after he beats up a kid and takes his lunch money. And for that, we’re grateful.”

Of course, the teacher plays the race card in the story, implying the Potlandia people had it in for her because she’s black.

That’s not the case at all. They WANTED her because she was black. That makes them special people. Better people. But black people are expected to play along with their fantasies, just like white people.

There education system is correct, better, progressive, even while they churn out moronic, entitled little sh!theads.

The black lady was just trendy black furniture, form over function. They just got tired of the lack of ergonomics and threw that cool black chair away.


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23 Comments on A Black Woman’s Brush With Portlandia White Progressives

  1. Portland: land of drug addicts, child sex trafficking, homelessness and high suicide rates.

    My business trips there were short and sweet – the place is a shithole.

  2. This is disgraceful. No school system should ever fail to stand behind a teacher who maintains discipline in her classroom and speaks truthfully with parents. The reason we have so many Johnnies-Who-Can’t-Read is that they were taught in disrupted venues, and teachers lied to their parents about the children’s lack of progress.

  3. What’s interesting is that it was the Black parents who complained to the White school Administrators who canned this woman. It is not just the white kids who are raised to know there are no consequences for their actions, many local black students are raised to believe they can do anything they want, any time they want, and any attempt from anyone to interfere with them is racism.

    There are a lot of different currents in this story. Worth the read.

  4. I used to have a neighbor who went to High School in the early 70s. He said the classes were so disruptive that he never learned anything except to read while the feral dummies acted up.

    To this day (he just turned 60) he thinks he is stupid. Thing is; because he read while the rest of the kids caused mayhem, he really is smart. He will never believe it, though, because he got such bad grades.

  5. It isn’t just Portland. I’ve read about other school districts letting kids have their way in order to bring down the number of black student school suspensions. No reason to think white kids will act any better once the discipline stops.

  6. Atlanta candidate should have asked why Portland Public Schools had to travel 2,000 miles to recruit. Why the hell don’t locals want those jobs? 2.25 million people in the metropolitan area and no one else would take the job? These are the same people who decided that since the public was charged to park at a public event run by a church, PPS students could not participate.

  7. To get blacks to accept individualism would stomp many social woes. Barriers should’ve come from parents, but conservative thinking teachers can impact kids, secondarily.

  8. Hoo-Lee-Cow, where to start! Finally the Sixties are a-starting to implode! Yee-haw, let them eat each other and their children! I love articles like this. So who is more important? The victims of slavery or the WASP culture?

    Back in the first decade of this century, there was a website that had satirical content about politics and culture. specifically, they had articles about what was going on in Portland, Oregon. the stuff that I read about was incredible! The site was called “The Moynihan Institute” and you can only find it via the wayback machine at http://www.archive.org. When you go there, there is a text box that you put your url you want to look up and then press the submit button and send it off. Then you will see a strip that has all the years that have entries for the site in question.

    The Moynihan Institute was a site that a couple of guys from the Northwest set up to talk about politics and other stuff. Be warned that it is risque and Politically Incorrect.

  9. There’s a show called Portlandia on IFC that uses sketch comedy to lampoon all the PC crap as well as the hipsters, hippies and the like. Fred Arminson and Carrie Brownstein star and write. Both of them are kind of left but in fairness they take it to everybody.

  10. Maybe they made their job offer 2,000 miles away so that their prospective candidates wouldn’t have easy access to the local papers. Just a thought.

  11. She thought she was fired due to racism. What she failed to understand was that she was hired due to racism.

    The ‘tards in Portland just can’t stand the idea of their little cupcakes having to face reality instead of their marxist progressive fantasy world.

  12. This is too too funny. The PC Libtards coming full circle and eating their own. The Portland white Libtards hire a black ’cause it shows diversity and makes them feeeeeeel good.
    Then when the black Libtard shows some spine and attempts to do what she was hired to do, i.e., teach, educate, and bring order out of chaos to the Portland Libtards “special snowflakes”, the black Libtard is fired.
    O-M-G! How much spinning, anguish and hand wringing had to go on behind closed doors?? I LOVE it!


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