A “Bloodless Correction” In Zimbabwe Overnight

The military detained Zimbabwe’s 93 year-old president, Robert Mugabe, took over the nation’s television center and put up road blocks to the Parliament building last night. Major General Sibusiso Moyo declared that the military was merely “targeting the ‘criminals’ around Mugabe.”


The coup, in all but name only, comes roughly a week after Mugabe fired his president and long time ally, Emmerson Mnangagwa, in what may suspect was an attempt to place his wife, Grace Mugabe, in position to be his successor. More 

There much speculation over whether the military is acting on behalf of 75 year-old Mnangagwa. But if he does become the next president of Zimbabwe, things might not change for the better.  More

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  1. Favorite line from the movie Lord of War

    “I sell guns to the oppressed …so that they can become the


  2. Another shit hole socialist paradise turns into an even more shit laden piss hole. Who cares. Black freedom!

  3. The dominos of what remained of the white countries of Africa will just keep toppling. This will probably bush South Africa over even faster…. if only the evil white colonizers had never shown up it would be a utopia like that Black Panther movie coming out shows.

  4. Africa without white patronage, will fall into a chaos so bleak, that the term ‘Dark Continent’ will be but a watery, pastel understatement

  5. Another Communist country fails.

    Rhodesia was quite a place. More decorated WW2 fighter Aces than any other country in the British Empire.

    The Commies were backed by both USSR and China. The Rhodesian democracy eventually fell. Genocide followed.

    Mugabe lasted much longer than I expected.

  6. So when is Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the National Felony League going to immigrate there. I’m sure they will find it a much more tolerant and welcoming country than the hateful U S of A.

  7. Cross the Zambezi River into Zambia and you will find white farmers from Rhodesian farming. The Zambian government invited them.

  8. Maybe all those hate-America negroes and the bulk of the NFL can emigrate?

    You know, if America sux so bad and all that …

    izlamo delenda est …

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