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A California Recession Is Coming


California tax revenues from income tax, sales and corporate taxes, are down in the first five months of the years by over a billion dollars.  And, it is not getting any better.  Spending is going up, revenues are going down, CalPERS has to steal $6 billion to stay open, cities and counties are unable to afford the pension contribution increases without higher taxes or less service and safety.  Big firms are leaving California and the news jobs are warehouse jobs at $15 an hour until the robots and computers take them over.

“The forecast says all signs point to lower income tax receipts rather than higher ones.  more here

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  1. Jerry only likes high taxes, he does not know if he lowers taxes, the state will generate more revenue. He wants more freedom through higher taxes!

  2. The real problem is that when this happens there is gonna be a lot of citizens bleed out into the rest of the country….bringing their politics and “values”….

  3. willysgoatgruff
    Exactly. All Libs. Northern California is already conservative. The jobs that article is referring to are all in heavily populated Liberal stink holes. At that point California will swing conservative again. the rest of the country, good luck dealing with the trash that’s headed your way.

  4. Gee. How are they going to provide that free healthcare for everyone including illegals and the multi billion train to nowhere that Dianne Feinstein’s husband is getting a big payment from (to go with his billion dollar no compete deal to sell excess post office property)?

    Where will Kamila Harris and Maxine Waters get the graft from to maintain their degenerate lifestyle?

    We better hurry up and bail California out so they never have to live in reality.

  5. Let it happen. Stop the California refugees at the boarder! Close the highways. Pick up the ones that walk over and bus them back. If they like they can go to Mexico. But no movement to the east. We need to teach the rest of the libshit States what WILL happen. Tent them, feed them in California. BUT we do not re-build the failed states. They need to rebuild under the same set of ideals the rest of the country lives under.

  6. Gee Wally, isn’t this how collapses start before the momentum and panic start to kick in?

    Maybe they can open some “Indian Casinos”. They seem to always do the trick.

  7. Bad Brad
    “The people that have screwed up this state came from other states.”
    Veracruz, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Sinaloa etc.

  8. When Californians go to other places, they screw them up (Californicate?) just as bad. Look ar Austin TX and Portland OR.

  9. Bad_Brad – you say that Northern California is Conservative? The two times I visited the Sacramento/ Folsom area last year all I saw were Bernie bumper stickers. Almost every car’s rear bumper was festooned with COEXIST stickers and other Leftist shit.

    If Northern California is “conservative” then Southern California must be loaded out the ass with Hodgkinsons. Thankfully, the only thing I saw of Southern Cali was when I transferred thru the San Diego airport and the Los Angeles airport (a filthy, greezy Third World Shithole in microcosm)

  10. Mansfield Lovell, Confederate General Without A Statue

    North of Sac County you would think you’re in Texas. My county is El Dorado County, North and East of Sac. The most popular attire north of Sac county is The State of Jefferson Tee shirts. Actually Fresno and Merced counties to the South of Sac are pretty conservative too. As you know Sac counties where the Capital is. What did you expect?

  11. O.K. I’ll make a deal with you guys. Just send Nancy Pelosi back to Baltimore, and Barbara Boxer back to New York, and we’ll put a few tents up in the dessert.

  12. In some places I worked I was the ONLY native Californian in the 70’s and 80’s. eastern liberals, hippies, pelosi and feinstein and her queer friends, looney brown, the enviro nuts, amnesty for illegals, crooked courts. we never had a chance!

  13. Like any beautiful Place , it Starts with Tourism and eventually ends in Immigration. We here in So. Cal were very Unfortunate to get Rabid East Coast Liberals , and We’d never Seen such Pushiness before.
    They really Screwed Up EDEN !

  14. @SupPat ~ call it … ‘California’ … the 32nd state of Mexico

    you want it La Raza? … you got it … your problem now


    You forgot Babs Boxer and Gaven Newsom. They probably never would have been elected here with out the influx of east coasters.

  16. @BBrad ~ how far back you wanna go? Walt Disney was from Chicago … so was my granddad’s brother & sister that emigrated to Kali from PA
    .. even your folks came from somewhere else ….


    You’re missing my point. Had your state suffered the same influx of whack jobs your state, any state, would be in the same position as California.

  18. @BBrad ~ no … I’m not missing the point one bit … all of our states are suffering the debilitating influx of illegals … at this point, states such as Colorado & Texas are experiencing the influx of California libtards, asmuch as NC, SC, GA & much of the south is experiencing from northern libtard states
    your state is just making it much easier with the state legislature’s policies … & I’m willing to bet the majority of your legislature is ‘home-grown’


    No No No, It’s not the illegals. It’s the F’ed up Bay Area Socker moms. The “Save The Mountain Lion” white Liberal retards. They’re moving up here by the droves. Born in some fucked up state, went to a fucked up college, got recruited by some Bay Area company, that was the brig hit for a Millie second, and then decided to take life easy and move to the foothills. Everyone shoots up here. A lot. The most common call into our Sheriffs department is Gun Shots in rural areas. The Department issued a memo to stop calling on gunshots from private property unless you know some bodies getting murdered. These people are freaken nuts. And they are not Mex.

  20. One thing that people get wrong about California, is even the people that live there think that the Bay area and Sacramento are northern California it is not, it is central California. It is a large State, the third biggest in the country. They need to draw the line above Sacramento at least 50 miles and include the whole east side of the state on the other side of the mountains.
    We would move there in a heart beat. It is truly some of the most beautiful part of the country. And take most of southern Oregon with them.

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