A cancer researcher said she collected blood from 98 people. It was all her own.

Retraction Watch: A researcher collected her own blood and forged the labels so it would appear to be samples from nearly 100 people, according to a new finding of research misconduct released today by the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI).

The former researcher at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center swapped her own blood samples for those taken from 98 human subjects. The misconduct affects two grant progress reports and two papers; one paper has already been retracted, and the former “research interviewer” — Maria Cristina Miron Elqutub — has agreed to correct or retract the other.  more

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  1. And “scientists”, “researchers” and drug companies seem so surprised that the general public doesn’t have much faith in their “studies” these days. People that have had real world experience with literal idiots touted as being “top notch” or “geniuses” by people further up the corporate food chain than themselves know intuitively that much of what is put forth as valid research these days is absolute garbage created by an intellectually and morally corrupt collection of greedy, self-serving jerks that have no conscience.

    Just go take a look at the falsified studies on the NSAIDs (pain relievers and anti-inflammation drugs) Vioxx and Celebrex (and many other drugs) if you need convincing. Like so much in today’s world, it’s all about the money for far too many people that are in positions of trust.


  2. You know – KNOW – that “science” is in the toilet when you have a “US Office of Research Integrity.”

    In the past the whole point of scientific inquiry was dispassionate, impersonal, honest, and honorable search for “truth” – but since the advent of the taxpayer “grant” science is now the handmaiden of greed, duplicity, stupidity, globaloney, and dishonesty.

    From the “second-hand smoke” bullshit to faking cancer research.

    And don’t imagine for an instant that the same dishonesty isn’t being practiced at all our major Universities – they are the womb (so to speak) of the destruction of “integrity.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. M D Anderson is the absolute best cancer care hospital in the world. People come from around the world for treatment. If my cancer reoccurs I will go back to MDA.
    How a researcher could do this is beyond me. At least she got caught and should lose all her medical credentials as a punishment, not this slap on the hand she got. She is not paying for her indiscretion. Crimes should have repercussions.

  4. No one has poised the most important question, why did she do it, and what did she do with the blood she stole?

  5. Most of them at the top of the cancer industry, don’t want to fix the problem, they want to treat it, that’s where the money is at.
    It must be hard to say no to billions?
    I do not know, people just seem more important somehow.

  6. She’s frantically concocting an implausible alibi blaming the crimes on “ a mysterious one-armed man”…


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