A car plowed through the Waukesha Christmas Parade and people are injured, according to witness Update: Fatalities


A car plowed into the Waukesha Christmas Parade Sunday evening, leaving multiple people injured, according to witnesses on scene.

Multiple people were on the ground injured after the crash, which occurred shortly before 5 p.m., witnesses said.

There were unconfirmed reports that shots were fired during the incident, which occurred during one of the city’s biggest and most cherished annual events.

Angelito Tenorio, a West Allis alderman who is running for Wisconsin state treasurer, said he had just finished marching in the parade with his family and friends and was walking back toward Main Street.

“As we were walking back in between the buildings that we saw an SUV crossover, just put the pedal to the metal and just zooming full speed along the parade route. And then we heard a loud bang, and just deafening cries and screams from people who are who are struck by the vehicle,” Tenorio said. “And then, and then we saw people running away or stopping crying, and there, there are people on the ground who looked like they’d been hit by the vehicle.”

He added, “It just all happened so fast.”

Videos posted to social media, including a live feed of the parade operated by the City of Waukesha, show a red SUV breaking through barriers and speeding into the roadway where the parade was taking place.


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  1. Ian Miles Cheong @ stillgray.substack.com @stillgray

    The suspects in Waukesha are three black males, one has been detained. At least two people have been confirmed dead so far.

    Thank you Ian. But now you will need to go into hiding. Don’t you know you can’t say such things?

  2. “Perhaps there is a rule book somewhere that says you must not point out that all of the San Francisco looters who hit Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton are black.

    There are hundreds of media reports talking about the brazen nature of the ongoing mob and rob situations, but no one seems to point out what they all have in common. All of the people doing the robbing are black.”


  3. Hmm Afghanistan Alah Akbar or BLM etc who knows but we prob will never know the motive unless it can be tied to a white supremacist.

  4. If they were white they coulda been poppin off their scary military style machine gun while mowing people over and get acquitted if the cops even bothered to detain them.

  5. The vax would have protected them.
    Isn’t that the narrative for everything?

    (Terrible and sad. I miss America. 😢)

  6. Long story short, circumstances/fate pervented he and his wife being there…

    Believe good old CNN started the bullshit about shots being fired. Barricades being knocked over was the sound being mistaken for the shots as one of my son’s fellow docs was there with his family and reported to son (very shook up but all physically unharmed).

  7. Don’t get distracted by this awful act of evil.

    Pay attention to the Ghislane Maxwell trial this week.

  8. Sickness. This sort of thing has been going on in China also, without the gunfire. Shooting out of the car windows seems gratuitous at this point. Let’s see what type human detritus we are dealing with, although at this point I’m just seeing red and wishing evil things for the perpetrators.

  9. Wait a minute. CNN just said that the biggest danger was from white supremacists.

    Those in the van were most certainly white, and put black shoe polish on their faces so we would all blame all the black people for all the crime. I’m right and you WS dirtbags know it.

  10. The core of the far-left movement in America is that they should be able to kill you if they want to. This was domestic terrorism.

  11. Watch the MSM try to whitewash this as a
    “PEACEFULL” counterdemonstration against the
    “BIGOTTED” forceful promulgation of christianity
    over all other faiths as if they have no right to exist.

    When all that the local prosecutor’s office has to do is


  12. Another example of when it is appropriate to use the term nigger – when describing the scum of the race.

  13. Lifted from the comment section on a townhall thread so unverified…

    “There is video from above, someone was filming the parade. The SUV made an intentional slight veer to the left and then mowed straight through people and accelerated through the whole parade and out in an attempt to escape. This was an entirely intentional act just by looking at the driving behavior. A domestic terrorist attack, most likely from a dissatisfied BLMer or Klantifa dingleberry that was jacked up on fascist lefty rhetoric from MSDNC and CNN. The murderer’s name is Darrell Brooks. He is African American and is in his late 30″s. He wears dreads and has a beard. The fascist corporate media baited what happened tonight by their leftist propaganda and ignorance of facts on the Rittenhouse case. Damn them! It’s not only the fascist left, but these left wing anchors and their propaganda network producers who are the problems!”

  14. Further comments says the two not in custody are on the run…

    No words (too close to home) as to what I’d be looking to do if my son and wife had been there and hit…

    This kind of crap shows you’re never really safe in public and NEED TO BE CONSTANTLY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

    Moved their newborn to a different hospital from Waukesha last week or they could very well have been…

  15. Suspect via MULTIPLE sources In killing several and injuring scores more in #Waukesha Just released 2 days ago on bond as well. Darrell Edward Brooks Jr.

  16. Retaliation from the left for the Rittenhouse not guilty verdict. Antifa or BLM are more than likely the culprits who arranged this terrorist act.
    Leftists typically use paid black criminals to do they’re most heinous dirty work.

  17. Old women and young children. Typical cowardly BLM targets.

    All lives matter you sick fucks. This crap is gonna get out of hand soon and that is exactly what the Marxists want.

    A national war between races so they can prevent the midterms.

    Bet a false flag with black victims in on the horizon to ignite the cities. Just wait.

  18. I bet this in the “SNACK BAR” Motive.

    Why else would it take so long to disclose…

    It could be Booze, Dindo’s, but I doubt it.

  19. Must have been inspired by our MSM in-sighting violent riots yet again and again on every cable TV news outlet streamed in to your home. Brought to you live by a democrat. What are they using as an excuse this time??

  20. “driver was a black guy, sex offender. Was released from prison recently.”
    And probably a recent convert to izlam.

    Prison, sex offender, slave mentality, criminal – it all fits.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  21. Was the fib in a chase car directing it?
    With all the monkey business with them I had to ask the question. When the government loses public trust all things are suspect, by their own doing.

  22. We just need “common sense” SUV control laws. SUVs are military-style vehicles. C’mon, man! Who really NEEDS an SUV?


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