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A Christmas Story Sequel

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  1. Technically, “My Summer Story” was the sequel to A Christmas Story, but was pure crap. Couldn’t watch but a few minutes as I can’t stand Charles Grodin and he plays the father.

  2. I was reading on this a couple of days ago, the reviews for this are pretty decent. A lot of it is nostalgic.
    And apparently there were two other sequels, but they are ignored in this one.

  3. I prefer Ralphie and his family and friends forever suspended in their original Christmas Story space/time continuum.

  4. I’m pretty sure it will be full of politically correct rubbish. I’m with Illustr8r; I like the original too well to watch this one.

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  6. Willy

    The Hackers actually fired Loco. He was to combative. I think they ran their course with Porta Potty. But the only did Joe6 like twice. Hmm. LOL
    I hope they don’t do me. I couldn’t afford the pay cut.

  7. Brad…Yeah but, Loco went to the hackers and did the Sally field thingy…”you like me, you really like me”…or he just poised with Sally Struthers and a whole bunch of starving dogs, kids and kittens….

  8. Willy

    I appreciate that thought process, however, I think the perpetrators are Indians. You know, those Punjab mother fuckers. Pictures of starving pets only makes them hungry.

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  13. There are two things I explicitly forbid anyone to bring into my home at Christmas time. A Goddamned disgusting Costco apple pie and that movie. The pie is nothing but a couple apples swimming in hi fructose corn syrup, wrapped in shitty crust and of the three pieces people have taken from it they will be found somewhere with a single bite taken out of each. Then the bastard who brought it will flat out refuse to take it with them when they leave. The last thing I need is that damn thing that is the size of a garbage can lid left here when I can’t even feed it to the dog without making her sick.

    The movie. Don’t get me started on that mess.


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