A city revolt against de Blasio‘s ‘affordable housing’ schemes

NYP- One of Mayor de Blasio’s signature goals is to create or preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing over a decade. But though he announces every effort to that end with great fanfare, each soon runs into trouble.

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The latest strategy to face significant opposition is his bid to leverage zoning changes.

As The Post reported last week, otherwise left-leaning community boards are nixing de Blasio’s rezoning deals. The idea was to rezone neighborhoods across the city to let developers build high­rises in exchange for making many of the new units “affordable.”

So far, a third of the city’s 59 community boards have given the scheme a big thumbs-down — for multiple reasons. more

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  1. I thought the new HUD regulations require a portion of low income housing in any new construction. That would include new apartment buildings.

    Now I get it NIMBY

  2. Here’s an idea: if de Blasio and the democratic party want to give people housing how about if de Blasio and the democratic party pool their own resources and provide it.

    Imagine how different the Left’s social schemes would be if they as an organization simply pooled their resources and gave people these things. Imagine the goodwill they would generate by instead of foisting something like ObamaCare on everyone and destroying health insurance the democratic party simply got together and created it’s own brand of health insurance paid for by the entire democratic party out of their own voluntary contributions.

  3. Sure but we all know in the world of reality, the Rats would never, ever stoop low enough to do something like that.. The tenants of communist is to make everybody equally miserable. However in this they all fail as a select group of administrators tapped to run it all are foisted above all else and are likewise comped for their services.

  4. This goofy bastard shared the same tit with Biden when they were still nursing. Too bad it belonged to their gardener, Pedro.

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