A Conservative Light Goes Out

Truth Revolt has announced that this will be their last day of operations. The site started in 2013 by Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz was meant to serve as a counter voice to leftist outlets like Media Matters, but delivered so much more. While the announced shuttering of the conservative news outlet attempted to put a happy face on the sudden closure, I personally hate to see them go.  More



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  1. David Horowitz is a gem. Shapiro – undeniably smart tho he is – didn’t do the organization any favors by being and maintaining his NeverTrump stance.

  2. I’m sorry they are closing their doors. But how do I say this? I stopped listening to Ben Shapiro a long time ago.

  3. If the real reason is that the googlefacebooktwitter attacks on conservative media is forcing this I hope they can come up with a way to say so without sounding like lefty crybabies.

  4. Maybe Bill Kristol and Shapiro can start a new site just for beltway establishment republicans who choose not to support Donald Trump.

    Ryan, McCONnell, McCain and Flake could be charter members.

    Call it “Deceptive Insurrection”.

  5. Love Horowitz. He’ll be fine at Front Page with the brilliant Dan Greenfield.

    Looks like Liddle Benjy Shapiro is out of another job. Again.

    People saying Shapiro is “brilliant” are being overly generous. Sophomoric snarkish cuckery is not brilliance.
    If it were, Bill Kristol would not be a despised figure tweeting from his toilet seat.

  6. Shapiro is with Daily Wire and still does campus appearances. He claims to have the most popular Conservative podcast online and from the reception he gets on campus, he might be right.

  7. Like Page O Turner said, David Horowitz will do fine been around a long time. I have read 2 of his books.

  8. I think the association with Ben Shapiro doomed that endeavor.
    NRO is already our Never Trump website of record, why would we need another?
    He and Bill Kristol have committed the unpardonable sin and they are dead to me, along with the other fake conservatives that need to just officially join the Dems so we are rid of them forever.

  9. I’m with you, Mr. Pinko. Liddle Benny is a Never Trumper and a crybaby. Remember him leaving Breitbart because widdle Michelle whats-her-name accused Corey Lewandowski of throwing her to the ground? An obvious LIE, but liddle Benny took his toys and went home. Good riddance, Benny Boy!

  10. “I guess Ben Shapiro’s virulent hatred for President Trump doesn’t sell ads? ”

    Yea. LOL. I heard him some where the other day slamming Trump on Tariffs and Free Market Principles. Maybe little Ben has a better grasp of Free Market Principles now.

  11. I am glad, but I won’t be happy until Shapiro and his ilk (Erickson, Klaven, etc.) are unemployable.

  12. I’d completely forgotten that site even existed. Ben Shapiro isn’t someone that I remotely agree with or like, so I guess no loss there.

  13. I have a customer that was working for Truth Revolt when he hired me.

    Yehuda Remer

    He has written a few children’s books since he left TR.

    Safety On: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children

    The ABCs of Guns

    10 Little Liberals: A Tale of Hope

    Safety On Coloring Book: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children (Volume 2)


    If you could support him and his efforts, that would be awesome.

    He said he would autograph any I brought to him. Not sure if that’s relevant.


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