A Creepy Joe reminder, so people don’t think it’s just a partisan made-up meme

Here’s a particularly troublesome one.

ht/ whatfinger

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  1. One trait of a narcissist is they like to put their proclivities on full display, as if to dare someone to stop them.

  2. I would kick that dude right in the balls if I caught him doing that to my kid.

    I could care a less if he was VP

  3. Joe’s theme song…

    “Don’t stand so close to me
    Loose talk in the classroom
    To hurt they try and try
    Strong words in the staffroom
    The accusations fly
    It’s no use
    He sees her
    He starts to shake he starts to cough
    Just like the old man in
    That famous book by Nabakov
    Don’t stand so close to me”


  4. Socialists offer their sons and daughters to their “Fuhrers” as a matter of course.
    Mao preferred toddler girls.
    Arafat preferred l’il boys.
    Obola preferred teenagers who could “manhandle” him.

    Joey has no fear of retribution because the parents volunteer their kids – the price of admission, so to speak. And, in the Land of Socialism, children are chattel … thus expendable.

    Life-long mental trauma? Who gives a fuck? Look at Hollyweird and the ever-growing list of mentally unbalanced child actors. “Here! Do what you want with my kid – make him a play-toy at Neverland as long as I get a fat contract!”
    “My 11 y/o daughter’s pretty cute, eh?”
    “You should see that little fellah work a binky!”

    It fuckin makes me sick – but that don’t feed the bulldog – when people have no values other than bank account, or type of car, or how many shithouses – this is what you get. Once we got the SC’s OK to kill em, using em as sex toys was just a [patho]logical extension.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. IF he was a lifeguard at one time, I wonder how many times he pulled that stunt with the kids under his supervision?

  6. Biden: She initiated it, she was running her hands all over me! I’ve been around long enough to know when a young lady is making advances. She could have said no at any time but she didn’t, it was mutual.

  7. @WDS My mom didn’t do anything about it when I told her what a relative did to me. You know, that is just too uncomfortable and besides, my dad would have killed him. So, it got ignored. That’s how it goes, Fkn Creep azz Joe or not. But it is pretty damn horrible when Joe skates after an entire world viewed that poor little girl’s disgust at how he made her feel. I hate pedos and porn.

  8. He can’t help himself. He needs to be committed to a sex therapy clinic. Joe wouldn’t last one night in a prison.

  9. He’s even been called out for it and he persists. Poor little girl. He was trying to feel her up!! Do you think he’s on one of Epstein’s lists? He better win the election or die, because he’s on borrowed time. This stuff won’t stay buried forever.

  10. If this was the 7 year old substitute news paperboy who delivered President Trump’s neighbor’s newspaper for three days in 1960, it would be the MSM’s lead story until February 2021.

  11. I can use ‘that’ word for this and it would be the correct way to use it;
    I am very triggered. :[

    Joe, you heinous, disgusting, vile, piece of shit. I hope you lose your hands and your tongue.


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