A Crying Baby On Your Flight Can Be Any Age

Nobody wants a crying baby on their flight. Even the middle-aged ones.


A woman has been kicked off a plane to Syracuse for complaining about being seated near a mother and her baby.

Marissa Rundell, a 19-year-old mom from Rochester, shared video of the incident last week.

{Rundell said} she was the last to get on the plane, and was shouting and swearing.

“She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said ‘this is f—– ridiculous. It’s bulls— having to sit in the back of the plane,'” Rundell recalled.

When Rundell asked the other passenger to stop swearing around her young child, the woman allegedly said “shut the f— up and shove it.”


The story doesn’t end well. It never does when someone plays the “you don’t know who I am” card.

Another card one should keep from playing is the “I’ll have your job by tomorrow” card, especially on videos that have the potential to go viral and end up in the court of public opinion.

(I’ve found that the people who wield that kind of influence, the ones that can have your job taken away, tend not to talk about their influence. They just stare you down, get your name, and then do what they do so well.)

The woman who complained about the crying baby, ironically, ended up being the one losing a very good high paying job.

When will people learn that we live in a very different world than a couple of decades ago? You can become a national story in an instant, and not in a good way.

Downtrend has more with the video.


18 Comments on A Crying Baby On Your Flight Can Be Any Age

  1. It’s just become much easier for the baboon to show its red ass is all.

    I love it when they dig their own hole and crawl in, then you just kick a little dirt on top….

    Bwahahaha, in public This is my entertainment.

  2. She’s a Lib who was not at all concerned with offending this young mother and those in the vicinity with language.

    She’s a Lib who was not concerned with making the flight attendant “feel unsafe” with her termination threat.

    She’s a Lib who engaged in profiling a baby, assuming that the baby would cry.

    Also, notice her photo of Al Franken. Must be the only photo of AF where his hands weren’t misbehaving.

  3. @jellybean: The lib however got aborted twice! Once from the plane, and from her cushy $95,000 taxpayer paid job! Delicious! Whose crying now?

  4. I know this is going to sound elitist, but I almost long for the days when air travel was more expensive and the hoi polloi tended to drive or take the bus instead. No long lines at the ticket window, zero security checks (you could pack a gun in your carry-on luggage, but who wanted to?), and you might be running late and show up at the departure gate as they were about to pull the stairs away from the plane and still get on board (I know because it did it once). Mind you, I couldn’t normally afford to fly then either, but I was in the military and Uncle Sam was picking up the tab. Bottom line, you had a better class of people flying. Then along came hijackings, bomb threats, reduced fares, and the whole thing went to hell in a handbasket of deplorables. Now you got all the slobs, the crazies, and the stressed-out, intolerant, entitled people like this woman. Or worse yet, someone who insists they need to travel with their “emotional support animal”, whatever that may be.

    I don’t fly anymore, but you probably already guessed that by now.


    My lord. Isn’t that flight info universally understood by EVERYONE by now?

    That crying kid complaint died in the 80s I thought.

  6. Knew a gal in college who went totally psycho around babies and toddlers… or other women even discussing their kids… her ex friends said that she was “normal” before she had an abortion.

  7. I agree with VietVet – a better class of people flew back in the 70’s, 80’s. I had to fly with my 9 month old daughter from Toronto to Vancouver in ’91. She had just learned to walk and we walked up and down both aisles for the entire 4 hour trip while she smiled at everyone(at least that is how I remember the flight). She has moved to Santiago Chile, so going to see her in December. Long days of travel there and back, I just endure it and STFU, do not need to be kicked off plane or irritate others.

  8. I feel for the crying babies. Babies frequently cry on planes because their ears hurt. Babies can be congested even when not overtly sick because they are still developing immunities. Pressure change. I wish more parents would have more consideration for their babies, get a scrip.

  9. I remember my first airplane flight, Pan Am.
    Everybody was well dressed, Dad in a tailored suit, estate tweed, Mom in a very nice green silk dress, me in my hated bow tie, I wanted to wear Roy Rogers or my Ike uniform. Everybody was dressed to go to the theater.
    It had two levels, a spiral staircase went down to the bar.
    China, silver and crystal at meal time, the bathroom was way bigger than a broom closet.
    When you bought your ticket, they gave you a carryon, that was what you used, period.
    Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, damn, I’m old.
    Went over on the Queen Mary, came back in the clouds.
    It was 15 years before I flew again, it still wasn’t bad, nice filet, baked potato with a red wine.

  10. “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”
    “Every time you witness a tantrum in public, another liberal exposes their inner contempt for everyone.”

    It’s who they are.


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