A Deadly Dash For Freedom Across The DMZ

A North Korean soldier remains unconscious after being shot 5 times by three of his comrades as he made his escape across the Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas. Doctors say the next ten days will determine if the defector survives his ordeal.

Officials report that surveillance footage shows the defector trying to drive a jeep to freedom when a wheel got caught in a drainage ditch. He then had to dash across the to the South with three North Korean border guards firing away at him.


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  1. So sad !

    I once stayed close to there and they told me that I couldn’t go anywhere alone or explore the great hiking/vistas. North Koreans will kidnap you or land mines.

    I always had to take the bus because they were afraid that a N Korean taxi driver would kidnap me.

  2. Freedom. Worth dying for.

    We should organize a travel program of Leftist media and academics to Commie hellholes like NoKo, sad Venezuela and sadder Cuba. Tell the Lefty semielites it’s all luxurious and highly paid, a month’s glamorous vacation espousing the people’s paradise.
    Once they arrive, cancel their passports and cancel all arrangements.
    Let them discover the joys of real Socialism for themselves.

  3. I thought socialism/communism was great, why would you run away?
    The progressive doinks in this country say it’s the best thing there is.

  4. Have never bothered looking it up but an intel Lieutenant in the Navy told us that way back sometime, a few NK soldiers stormed across the line and took an axe to at least one American officer who refused to fire on them even though he was pointing his .45 at them the whole time. He apparently did not want to be blamed for an international incident.

  5. @grool…It’s true, there was a work crew out clearing brush in the no-mans-land when attacked and murdered. I had just left Osan AFB from a weekend leave when it happened.

  6. Was it Maxine Waters or Hillary Clinton who told us that only three or four miles separated North and South Korea? FFS!

  7. He has purchased his freedom at a heavy price, but it is his nonetheless. And he shall not be deprived of his preciously bought liberty lightly.

  8. I don’t care even if you are the despot…..What a horrible way to go through life…..holding total control over everyone that secretly hates you.
    THAT is a person with absolutely NO soul.

  9. If Communism is so fantastic, then why would someone get shot trying to escape it? Jane Fonda never paid a price for her freedom. Neither did any of the sympathizers. This guy did. Kind of tells a story, eh?

  10. Another example confirming the truth of Bill Bennett’s Gate Test. Who wrote

    “For some years, I have described something I call “the gates test.”

    Someone can judge a country by which direction people run when the country erects gates: Do they flee in, or do they risk life and limb to get out?

    (Over the course of some four decades until 1989, some 2.5 million people had fled East Germany and many were shot trying to flee.) There was no better symbol of the gates test than the Berlin Wall.”

    http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/189919/gates-test-bill-bennett .


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