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A Deal Reportedly in the Works for McCarthy


Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), one of 20 House Republicans who voted against Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker expects a written offer between McCarthy and his opponents to be completed Thursday night, Punchbowl News reported.

Punchbowl News’s Jake Sherman reported that a deal between McCarthy and his opponents “is close.” Reps. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Patrick McHenry (R-NC) have reportedly been leading negotiations with McCarthy. Deal

25 Comments on A Deal Reportedly in the Works for McCarthy

  1. NO! NO! NO!
    He already has a “deal” with the communists/globalists. A deal written and signed in the blood, toil and treasure of U.S. citizens.
    Any “deal” written, oral or philosophical will be broken because his deal with the satanists/Stalinists takes precedence.

  2. I’ve got a deal: stop selling out to CCP and Libs in general and you can stay in office.

  3. A vindictive California RINO finally installed after having to deal with people he hates, that has complete power over what advances, what gets investigated, and who serves on what commmittee.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. …and of COURSE he would act in a completey honorable and honest fashion and totally stick to the terms of whatever deal he makes to GET power once he HAS power and it can no longer be removed.


  5. A commitment written on Paper is worthless when you negotiate with a known liar with few principles and less integrity.

    The GOP conservatives bail on America, one more time.
    The establishment, Country Club Republicans are laughing their ass off.

  6. I sincerely hope that the 20 PATRIOTS hold firm against this RINO, ESTABLISHMENT SWAMP CREATURE controlled by who knows who, but the wef comes to mind, right off the bat…

  7. I’m surprised McCarthy hasn’t cut a deal with the democrat’s to put him over the top yet.

  8. Sure, I promise I’ll do whatever you want. No, seriously. Just vote for me.
    Of course you can trust me. Would I lie to you?

  9. Deal? How can you “deal” with a career politician? A known un-trustworthy liar. This country is so screwed.
    #Trump2024 or BUST! Anybody other than Trump (INCLUDING DeSantis) and it’s OVER!

  10. The deal is ironclad and stipulates that McCarthy will uphold every jot and tittle of it, unless it’s to his advantage to make a secret deal with lobbyists. But don’t worry he will cover up the secret deal and the betrayal by blaming others.

  11. Let ’em stew on it over the weekend

    There is no rush

    Nancy needs time to check sauselito bay

    An APP call should not be enough for a Leader
    She needs to show up in person
    Tik Tok

  12. I don’t think it’s going to help him even if some cave. I’m still hearing there are 5 who said at this point there is no way they will vote for him, regardless of any promises he makes because he cannot be trusted. So I guess we’ll see.

    I did see a clip last night of MTG attacking Boebert calling her not serious with voting for different people when she’s demanding all of this stuff from McCarthy and is just being an obstructionist. Boebert should whip her butt.

    However, besides her acting like a dog in heat on the house floor, I saw an article on Gateway Pundit that I’m sure is another reason she’s all pro-establishment now. Same with Rep Kern from Oklahoma, he would be better than McCarthy, but he’s on the list too of congress critters who made money on stocks this past year.

    The title of the article is

    CORRUPTION? Members Of Congress Beat the S&P 500 Again – “Unusual Trades Resulting In Huge Gains”

  13. Remember Trumps,”The Snake” speech?
    No different here.
    A SNAKE is a SNAKE.
    You DON’T make a DEAL with a SNAKE and expect them NOT to betray you!

  14. McCarthy pulling out all the stops, promising committee assignments, lucrative committee Chairmen positions and funding for the next 2 year campaign which has already started.

  15. A land of so many churches and bishops and bankers and boaters has votered for cryptogriftable rainson for banksturds of amerikans. Queen Bee Drone Honeypotters Flavoured.

  16. Once again a Rep from Oklahoma disappoints. Breechen who I was so proud of caved. I sent him an e-mail as his mailbox is full and told him he took him 4 days to become beholden to establishment and I hoped whatever they gave him was worth it.

    They’re all falling like dead flies. I’m done voting in National Elections. D.C. can’t be fixed, the only fix is to elect fighters in our states to rid us of D.C.

    I’ve been burned my very last time.

  17. the guy is a swamp clown, and he WILL betray us just when we need him.

  18. McCarthy promises investigations!! Let’s re-cap “Republican investigations” and see if we can spot a pattern, shall we??

    1. Darrell Issa: Fast and Furious: Nowhere
    2. Jason Chaffetz: IRS targeting: Nowhere
    3. Trey Gowdy: Benghazi
    4. Bob Goodlatte: 2016 election probe of DOJ: Nowhere
    5. Miss Lindsey Graham: CH/ FISA: Nowhere
    6. Now James Comer: Twitter files, China, Hunter’s laptop: Bwahahahahahahaha

  19. @Old Racist White Woman January 6, 2023 at 1:20 pm

    > I’m done voting in National Elections. D.C. can’t be fixed, the only fix is to elect fighters in our states to rid us of D.C.

    Old enough to have missed that whole 19th century (pre-internet, pre-television, pre-radio) kerfuffle? Even Mr. Van Winkle is impressed.


    There is no Columbia versus “the states”. Hasn’t been in over 150 hears. There is, occasionally, Columbia doesn’t care, so why don’t you states go outside and play. And there is, because Columbia says so.

    There. Is. No. Voting. Our. Way. Out. Of. This.

    (So, you know what side — Americans versus Foreigners — those who accept that you vote, are on.)

  20. Just saw Chip Roy laughing and patting McCarthy on the back. I’m so done with all of these people. Only 6 remain. He just needs 2 more of them. Screw Republicans and screw D.C.

  21. fnuck, son of fnord, I still have a little hope in my state. It’s about all I got.
    The people without our national guards that the states control for the most part would be our only hope in a civil war.

    Although I wouldn’t put it past the swamp in D.C. to get their friends and families to D.C. and then bomb us into oblivion.

    So with that said, I pray Jesus returns soon, because in the end our Savior is the only hope we have.

  22. Old Racist White Woman, Darlin, let me try and talk you off the ledge. It was always going to be McCarthy. Our 21 Patriots are just straight up out numbered. Their goal is Concessions from the swamp. I think they’ve pushed as hard as they can. I also think they did a remarkable job and showed real courage. This is the start of something big. Chin up ORWW.

  23. Nope Brad I’m not coming back off the ledge. I vowed to never vote again after 2020, I broke that vow to myself. I caved and I voted.

    I don’t want anymore investigation soundbites for them to fund raise off of and in the end nothing comes of it. I’ve played the game my last time. Heck we don’t even win consolation prizes.

    Like I asked someone earlier tell me one thing we’ve ever won by voting for Republicans, one thing that has lasted, that has made our lives better or our country better outside of Roe V Wade being overturned?

    It’s a big club and we aren’t in it and never will be, they don’t even care if you call them, e-mail them, your opinion means nothing. To be honest they don’t even care if you vote for them again. Primaries are stolen in red states, just like general elections are stolen everywhere else.
    I’ve always said if enough people quit paying their taxes, they might change, but these days they just print more money anyway, so that wouldn’t even matter. Just maybe if everyone stopped voting, they’d realize there was a problem, but I doubt it they’d just fabricate the numbers to make it look like people voted.

  24. @Old Racist White Woman January 6, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    > Just maybe if everyone stopped voting, they’d realize there was a problem

    Depends on the “they”. Americans won’t stop voting, until after they understand the “situation” (it’s not a “problem” — it’s working according to design). The foreigners that rule Americans (trapped by the occupying force of The United States) only care about voting, as how cheaply it causes so many Americans to surrender (and throw their wallets, of course).

    > I doubt it they’d just fabricate the numbers to make it look like people voted

    Indeed. That is the purpose. Americans are “offered” — by colonial Governor Moe — a choice, between bribing General Larry, or bribing General Curly. Governor Moe cares not a whit, whether General Larry or General Curly, is settled on Governor Moe’s Generals Throne. That is why General Larry and General Curly, are listed on Governor Moe’s ballot. And Governor Moe only cares about who he will allow to “vote” insofar as they are only allowed to vote after they swear allegiance to Governor Moe (intrinsically against the self-determination of Americans). That they will obey (and bribe) whomever Governor Moe settles upon Governor Moe’s throne (including, of course, anybody other than General Larry or Curly). “‘Voting’ is their Sacred(TM) duty!” According to Governor Moe’s lickspittles. And those that enslave Americans, within The United States.

    But, should nobody vote? Maybe just no Americans, vote? How well does the “You had the chance to ‘vote’! For whatever we chose to rule you! What we’re doing to you is your own fault! Now. Pay us. Again.” engender continued surrender? By Americans?

    (For The Free West[TM], <music>and, the rest</music> — fill in your people and nation. Well, lookey there! Ain’t algebra grand?)

  25. I overheard a guy at the store telling another guy when they install McCarthy every single Republican who is sick of the shit, should switch their registration to Independent or Libertarian(our only two parties outside of R and D) to send a message.
    That might work to at least get their attention for a few minutes. Problem is not enough people would be willing to do it to matter. So maybe we get what we deserve.

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