“A deeper, progressive psychosis”

WND: Hillary has proven over and over to the American people that she is solidly unfit to be president. The question is, when will people start believing the behavior that Hillary has proven over and over?

I will acknowledge that it is my personal observation that most politicians at the national level display some number of narcissistic traits. Narcissism is not necessarily dangerous unless other, more organic and systemic traits are present. In fact, the argument can be made that some degree of narcissistic “ability” may be necessary to run on the national level.

Hillary is in a separate category altogether.

  • She has risked national security and been instrumental in destabilizing the Middle East.
  • She has lied under oath.
  • She has colluded with enemies for personal gain through the Clinton foundation: “Honestly I cannot trust the American news media because they are all in bed with the Clinton Foundation” – Julian Assange.
  • She has brutalized and bullied women her husband abused.
  • She left heroes to die in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the families, graveside, to cover for Islamic terrorists. The list goes on.
  • Hillary Clinton displays evidence of a traumatic brain injury that could impair her decision making as president of the United States.

Hillary admits she has a brain that “short circuits” and “forgets,” even when dealing with critical, sensitive material that is classified. This may have already cost lives.
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  1. The short circuit was an attempt to explain away a lie that even the press had to call her on it was so obvious.

  2. All that aside, she is a progressive liberal and that alone should be enough to eliminate her but with crony capitalism, welfare on steroids and the banana republic Obama has created she still holds a great chance of winning.

  3. She’s going to get 55-60 million votes-she starts out with NY and CA, most of the Northeast. OR, IL, MN, WA-thats a hell of a head start-over 200 electoral college votes with only 71 more needed.

    sundance says 73 million for Trump and he’s been spooky right every call.

    This is it, no more do overs, no 2020 bullshit, now or never.

  4. “Hillary Clinton displays evidence of a traumatic brain injury that could impair her decision making as president of the United States.”

    Hummmm, the brain injury could impair her? What if she starts making “impaired” decisions like a conservative? She could halt all muzzie infestations, cut spending and non-essential government agencies …


  5. This is why the American Psychiatric Association is warning against armchair-psychanalyzing Trump…

    “The short version: It’s okay to talk about psychiatric issues — but not okay to diagnose people you haven’t treated.”


    …because they are really trying to head off the scrutiny of Hillary’s mind.

    h/t Ann Althouse

    And speaking of Althouse, google this:

    “will hillary clinton skip the debates”

    The battlefield is being prepped, y’all.

  6. Todd Starnes has a must read article over at Fox on why the media is relentless in it’s attacks on Trump and it’s been crickets on all the Clinton problems. He has quotes and interviews with major news reporters where they indicate that THEY have decided that Trump is too dangerous to be allowed to become President and they are using their not inconsiderable power to block him at every turn with the full support of their editors and presumably the owners. This is not editorials against Trump but are actual stories shaped and presented to convince the reader that Trump is unstable and not to be trusted. This may be the biggest threat to democracy the Union has every faced and it comes from the very institution whose job it was to protect democracy from those who would take it from the people. Link to the story is below.

  7. scr_north, it is a highly coordinated smear operation against Trump, with absolutely zero grassroots spontaneity.

    Remember when all the Trump people were getting harassed and beaten by demonstrators? Then Hillary and the DNC found out it was helping Trump and hurting her. Just like that, the switch flipped, and all the violence disappeared, never to return. If it was grassroots outrage against Trump, that would be impossible. Only manufactured and hired outrage can be wielded with such surgical precision. The leftist lockstep and perfidy this election is breathtaking. The good thing is that they are fighting a new war with obsolete weapons.

  8. I hope Trump keeps copies of all those libelous “news” articles and sues the sh*t out of those agencies and “journalists.”

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