A Divided Supreme Court Rules Illegal Aliens Can be Prosecuted for Identity Theft on Employment Eligibility

CTH- It should not be a 5-4 split and majority decision, but that just goes to reflect how radical and structurally political the Supreme Court has become.  In an important ruling today the Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that illegal aliens can be prosecuted by the states for stealing the identity of U.S. persons on employment eligibility paperwork.  [Direct pdf link]

Stunningly four justices (BREYER, GINSBURG, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN) dissented from the majority decision; and instead gave their minority opinion that federally mandated I-9 employment eligibility certifications should not be permitted for use as evidence in cases surrounding identity theft.

According to the dissenting opinion, if your identity or social security number was stolen by an illegal alien; and used to falsify employment eligibility documents; that illegal action is not itself criminal conduct because the documents are not permissible as evidence to show the alien falsified information. An absolutely bizarre position in a nation of laws. read more

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  1. Identity theft & fraud cannot result in a unanimous decision?

    Give Trump 2 more appointments.

  2. How does Ginsubrg register her vote these days?….Odd or even on the droplets in her drool cup?….Which little toe twitches on the right or left foot?…..

  3. C’mon, these no good TRAITOROUS BASTARDS should be tarred and feathered, hung from a lamppost, then shot! Why do they hate America, and Americans?

  4. “…if your identity or social security number was stolen by an illegal alien; and used to falsify employment eligibility documents; that illegal action is not itself criminal conduct because the documents are not permissible as evidence to show the alien falsified information..”

    WTF??! Pretzel logic. Shows you how twisted the brain of progressive liberal is.

  5. Sotormayor just might be the next one…out. She is not a healthy woman at 66 with type 1 diabetes since age 7.

    @Willygoatsgruff – there was an OLD Star Trek about that concept, a very high tech wheelchair of sorts.

  6. trying to rap my head around this pretzel logic ….

    … nope, can’t be done

    Alito said it best in his writing of the decision …
    “… Suppose that an employee truthfully states … that his name is Jim Smith. Under the interpretation … no one could use Jim’s name for any purpose. If he robbed a bank, prosecutors could not use his name in an indictment. His employer could not cut a paycheck using that name. His sister could not use his name to mail him a birthday card.”

    … square that!

  7. I fervently hope that one of the Gang Of Four retires within the next year. These 5-4 decisions are bullshit; with the wishy-washy backstabbing compromised Roberts constantly screwing things up. We need a 6-3 majority now.

  8. Where is the majority opinion lecturing the minority for wanting to put their own far left, unAmerican opinions as substitutions for legislating?

    They are encouraging felonies and should all resign. Absent of that, they should be impeached.

  9. I believe what the problem is the social security number does not match the name. It works like this:
    I am a hard working mexican at the concrete company paying taxes. The company likes me because I work like a donkey. The concrete company is required to with hold payroll taxes. When the money is sent to the state, SSI, medicare, ect, all those places are very happy to get millions and billions of dollars they can’t match up to a legal person. They notify the employer that there’s a mistake on the name and ss number, but, here in colorado anyway, that is not a legitimate reason to fire the employee.
    The mexican is not happy because they keep so much of his money and he will never get any benefit from SS for example. Social Security puts his with holdings in Holdings Earnings Suspense fund pending a correct SSN which will never happen. The amount of money is in the billions and will never be paid out.
    I don’t think anybody who matters is really interested in fixing this problem, because of the amount of money involved and its all held by the state and fed government. The government forces the employers to collect taxes on employees who are ineligible to pay taxes.
    It’s all a farce and the powers to be know it.
    When I talk to my wetback friends this is what they say: ‘Doesn’t matter how hard you make it on us here in USA. We will never ever go back to mexico. We will work to pay our house, and send our children to college and in 10 years will get our green card and be so thankful for that’.
    Is that every mexican? Nope, but, it’s more of them than you’d think.

  10. Actually, I think the dissenters are right in their position based on how the federal law works now and how the process currently runs. Now, if the States decided to require a second form that had the identity info on it with the warning about lying (hand it out with the regular employment form) then the feds can use the State form to determine the SSN/Name/Whatever is stolen and can arrest perp. To bypass this crap the federal law has to be changed to reflect sanity. I think.

  11. Meat Packing Plants

    When I worked at the tax revenue office, ALL flagged and suspicious forms were Mexicans working in that undustry.

    All the feds have to do is request all the flagged files from each state and it will lead them right to the identity theft scoundrels packing meat or the canning factories.

    Too easy….

  12. @Anonymous March 4, 2020 at 12:18 am

    > How can people respect those court jesters?

    How can people respect those that bow before those court jesters?

  13. If there was any doubt before, it looks like that’s been cleared up now. There is a Progressive Caucus of the Supreme Court.

  14. So by Demonrat Supreme Judge logic if a tree falls in a forest and no sound is heard the tree never fell at all.

    I would say unbelievable but that would imply some measure of believability applys to Demonrats and they crossed that reality threshold long ago.

    The candidates of the inclusive diversity party are an ancient bone ass white commie and a ancient bone ass white pedophile…

    Liberals are to logic what truth means to Lucifer…

  15. I wonder what other crimes these 4 would like to let illegals get away with?
    That is just mind boggling how they even have the cajones to give that opinion in public.
    Then claim to honor their oath to defend and uphold the US Constitution. Ugh.
    We already know Ginsburg hates the Constitution.
    Can’t Trump fire them?

  16. Funny how any 5/4 SCOTUS decision which goes against the left is always made by a “divided court”, while a 5/4 decision which favors the left is just a regular old decision.

  17. No we know what Michael Flynn has been up against. Not much doubt that our courts are packed with these mind-less fools. We are not in the toilet we are down it.

  18. Every time a district judge or higher tries to make us submit to their activism, the Senate should confirm every single one of President Trump’s pending appointments. This crap needs to end.

  19. Obama’s appointments should have recused themselves because Obama is an illegal alien. There. I said it.

  20. not unanimous decision?

    how does that work at the supreme court?

    only obey the laws you agree with?

    try to not send in your fed taxes, see how that logic works for you if you are a legal citizen

    this shit has got to stop

  21. Nancy Pelosi taught me that if you put an asterisk next to someone’s name that it invlidates them forever in history.

    Put asterisks next to Sotomayor, the Ghost of Ruth Ginsberg, Kegels and Breyer.

    You get an asterisk and you get an asterisk!

  22. Frigging criminals passing for judges are covering for the Brown Clown and his fake CT Social Security number.

  23. Th Court has been politically divided at least 80 years! When I started college JFK nominated an adle brained former footballer to the court. It was clear to all who could read that this man was “non compos mantis”. He was put on the court to vote as Kennedys told him to ; and let them write his opinions, which he dutifully signed. My folks said that 30 years earlier “Wizzer White” was a smart kid. But football turned his brain to sh*t.

    Wizen always voted liberal! I think he did not even read the briefs; not able to when on the Court!

  24. When all three branches of gov’t are aligned against us (We, the People), we are in a state of tyranny.
    For all President Trump’s efforts, his agencies despise us and strive to enslave us in regulations and bureaucratic red-tape. His agencies also use Storm Troopers of the FBI, BATFE, Forest Service, and IRS to intimidate, eliminate, demoralize, and subdue us. The Star Chamber FISA continues its nefarious operations despite being exposed as treasonous.
    One man cannot do it all. His ministers are either corrupt or flaccid. The Supremes are obviously illiterate or retarded. The Legislature is mired in corruption and imbecility.

    President Trump needs all the help he can get.

    izlamo delenda est …


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