A Dumber A$$ Is Nearly Impossible To Stumble Upon

How stupid is this Lavar Ball, the father of one of the UCLA basketball players?

Even Cuomo is left shaking his head. This is very frustrating to watch, in that no one walked onto the set and said, “we’re just kidding, no one is this moronic.”


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  1. This guy is the poster child for why this generation of kids are so worthless….all about money, exposure and his 15 minutes of fame…..actually feel sorry for his kids….except they are multi-millionaires so not that sorry but this guy, OMG….

  2. Obviously, poor impulse control runs in the family. The son is going to do something criminal and stupid again, which will be outside of Trump’s purview, and dad will be whining that Trump dindunuffin for him.

  3. Unless you watched, and I know many won’t because it’s CNN, and I understand, you haven’t experienced the frustrating illogic of this asshole’s assertions, all the while acting as if he is deep and clever and on a different plain.
    If this was my father I’d have to hold a press conference and disavow any connection to this mumblemoufed low IQ jerk.

  4. And he’d only thank PRESIDENT Trump if he would have flown his kid back from China on Air Force One?!?!


  5. I commented on this last night. It was painful to watch. I actually felt sorry for Chris Cuomo because of his fear of black people. Lamar Ball (Talk-a- Ton) should have been told to shut to hell up or get off the air. Cuomo lost an opportunity to show some balls. But that would racist if he just cut the motor mouth off as he would any conservative trying to make a point.

  6. My head hurt 15 seconds in after his first “sardonic” grin. Imbecile.


    Reminded me of the families on welfare I used to take when my agency was denying service. They never understood because they thought the world was their oyster.

  7. I made it to 10 minutes listening to that cretin. I was afraid if I listened any longer my brain might be damaged. Ballhead is the worst sort of moron: the smug kind. Talking over Cuomo, smirking, speaking in riddles.

  8. p.s. The stupidity is only the “vehicle;”
    what troubles me most is the entitled attitude it engenders.

    The ONLY rational response is OutdoorJohn’s.
    REMEMBER: it’s not “violence;” it’s PEACE KEEPING.

  9. Some one else brilliant suggested that it is not too late to send the ungrateful son back via extradition to face a trial.

  10. The irony is that, we know from his track record, if black Obama were still in office Ball’s kid would still be in jail.

  11. did CNN not talk to him for 5 minutes in the green room to get some idea of where he was going to go with this, or if they knew what would be their reason for putting him on the air?

  12. Just because jocks are allowed to steal stuff with impunity where they live doesn’t mean they can in China. The Chinese don’t care how well your little boy can nig.

  13. That was painful.

    Growing up in the south central LA should give us a clue on why LaVar is that special kind of stupid. Also, now we know why Maxine Waters keeps getting elected. Do not drink the water if you are anywhere near SC LA!

    I started laughing when he dais “dindunuffin” in a sentence. Know I know the exact pronunciation.

    Hopefully his children are sterile.

    Dumber than a box of rocks.

  14. I don’t know Fur, they’re everywhere. I just stumbled upon an equally dumb mo-fo. Marshawn Lynch after Sunday’s loss to the Pats in Mexico:

    “What’s up with my amigos? What’s up with my Mex, man? You know what I’m talking about? Hey, we got hella Mex out in the town, bro. They be slidin’ and hella shit. There’s a lot of them in the dubs. They all through the east though. You feel me? I be goin’ go fuck with them and hella shit. They be kicking it with me though! You know what I’m talking about? We hella tacos, we hella enchiladas, we hella quesadillas.”


  15. This dumb (insert N-word here) did more to turn liberals into Trump supporters than Trump could ever do. Thanks LaVAR!

  16. I’ll just take y’all’s word for it. At this point in my life I have to protect what little gray matter is still rattling around in my noggin. It would be helpful if the media would publish or say on the tee vee what the likely sentence would have been — if they ever got to the sentencing stage. Mr. Ball would have ended up penniless, no doubt, just defending his son over there. Then we would have seen just how much “nuffin” his son “dint do.”

  17. @ Navigator

    I thought you were joking. They took the video down.

    This is what SBNation wrote about the interview:
    “Marshawn’s general thesis here is that he loves people from Mexico and wants to share his experiences from the East Bay. The poor interviewer just wasn’t ready for it. You know that he came into it with the feeling that Lynch would be ornery and shut down, especially after a loss. Instead of getting any questions answered, he just got Marshawn giving a stream of consciousness.

    That’s more than most people get, so he should be proud.”

    MftM didn’t get anything because he does not understand ghetto slang or Ebonics.

  18. Dumb & Dumber
    I’ve never seen anything so stupid.
    Ball, “The sky is blue”
    Cuomo, “Why do you say the sky is blue?”
    Ball, “I never said that. Stop your lyin’!”
    Cuomo, “You just said, The sky is blue.”
    Ball, “Just cause Trump said the sky is blue, doesn’t mean it is.”


  19. LaVar Ball is the poster *boy!!!* for the out of control wave of negro asshole-ness that has been allowed to get out of control over the last decades.

  20. MftM,

    I too don’t get ghetto slang or Ebonics.

    “he just got Marshawn giving a stream of consciousness.”

    Consciousness? More like unconsciousness. Babbling buffoon.

  21. This schmuck didn’t even know that Trump was in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, etc. and thought that he made a special trip just to get the 3 ghetto thugs out?

    Total bubble-headed world that Ball lives in — and he typifies Obama’s base. And CNN then devotes 23 minutes to his gross stupidity — they deserve to fail.

  22. all I could take was 5 mins. what I got was he wasn’t going to thank trump because then he’d have to face his own impotence in the situation

  23. These are the “voters” that keep electing people like Maxine Waters. These people will be eating one another after the big-one hits Cal-idiot-fornia.

  24. Why didn’t old cue ball, acting as a caring father, get on an airplane and fly to China in order to support and work to get his son released? He din du nuting but dis duh dude dat did! Footnote: He will soon be named as the Congressional Black Caucuses “Black Father of the Year”!

  25. Lavar just loves to toy with whitey…..makes him feel superior. And Cuomo’s too stupid to see that Lavar was playing him like a Stradivarius.
    Dante’s concept of hell for these two would be both of them having to hear an endless loop of Trump campaign speeches while having pineapples shoved up their shit chutes and rotated.

  26. Loretta: Don’t blame Ball for not knowing Trump was on a two week trip to Asia. He only watches CNN and ESPN and they didn’t cover it.

  27. Tell you what, dipshit. We’ll take LiAngelo back to China and let you see if you can get him back to the U.S. faster than Trump did.

  28. The most dangerous adversary is an ungrateful beneficiary–ancient wisdom.

    It’s unsafe to have this guy near you. Another reason to not even visit CA.

  29. That’s 10 mins of my life I wont get back.
    What an ass clown. He would say thanks if the thieves
    flew back on Air Force One… Sure let’s reward the thugs.

  30. I’ve met this LeVar type all over Africa.

    Sometimes his title is Branch Bank Manager.

    Sometimes it’s Minister Of Science And Education.

    In a land of 60 IQs, the 65-IQ man is King.

    He’s a walking confirmation of The Bell Curve. And Dunning-Kruger.

    And now he’s got 500,000 diehard CNN viewers suddenly feeling sympathetic to PDT.



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