A few years ago, CNN thought Mt. Rushmore was great

And so did Bernie Sanders.

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  1. The battle has moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia. Get ready. It looks like the media is trying to hang fire until later in the campaign season, but the poor little girl murdered at the Rayshard Wendy’s may force the issue sooner. This sculpture has been a recurring controversy most of my life. It has all the elements of the current narrative. Brace yourselves for it. Keisha needs a bloody shirt, and this one fits.

  2. Thirdtwin
    If you’re referring to that group of 178 misfits that showed up there a couple days ago with an assortment of shotguns, AR Pistols, Airsoft Guns, AR’s with no optics or sites, they better pray no one takes them seriously

  3. That was just Bernie visiting old friends.

    Anytime Washington & Jefferson were in Philthadelphia, he was their favorite shoeshine boy. 😳

  4. @BB

    Who “sleeps” in his car in the driveway in 110 degree weather? This story stinks in more than one way.

  5. replace mt. rushmore as follows: interactive display with holographic-grobama, b**t hanging out, alternately holding up pants, scratching d**k, twerking, operating ghetto-blaster & sail foam, kneeling on prayer rug, smoking illegal substance, etc.


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