A fresh gob of bad news for Joe Biden

American Thinker:

Joe Biden seems to be in the catbird seat as Democrat poll after Democrat poll show him persistently in the lead. It makes sense because so much of the Democratic field is populated with crazies. When the choice is between hapless old Joe, hopelessly anchored to the Obama administration, yet still with no endorsement from the Great One himself for the Democratic faithful, and the current crop of far-left Soviet-style lunatics, the choice is obvious, at least for a large chunk of Democrats. Joe’s the winner. The RealClearPolitics average of polls currently shows Joe Biden with a comfortable 5.2 point lead over his Democrat rivals.

But, oops, not so fast. Turns out reporters David Brady and Brett Parker atRealClearPolitics have spotted some bad news within that trend for Biden.

Apparently, every time a rival drops out – the voters they had move over to someone else. Anyone but Biden. read more

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  1. That notwithstanding… but I remember an idiot asking me, “Who would you vote for — George Bush, or a muddy stick? I’m gonna vote for the muddy stick.”

    That’s where we are. They don’t care — even if it’s a muddy stick.

  2. Bernie is in the same boat. There are only so many Dems willing to wear the socialist banner, despite their tendencies.
    It’s Joey or Liawatha, I don’t see anyone else getting it. Wish I had a front-row seat for the first Trump debate!

  3. You all don’t understand the gravity here. Unless something is drastically done about voter fraud your next president will be a socialist. Voter ID has no chance. Trumps one man against an institution of Libtards and Globalists. This impeachment crap is a side show while they steal the next election. It’s a Republic if you can keep it. Truer words. I don’t think we can. We are fucked.

  4. This is nothing new. It’s clear to anyone with a pulse looking at top tier Democrat candidates. The party is severely fractured, it has taken a wild swing in direction.

    Probably why 25% of Trump rally attendees are Democrats and Independents.

    I’ll keep saying it. Democrats are best off conceding 2020 now and figuring out who they are and what they represent.

  5. and stop being so damn pessimistic. There will be criminal charges, people will be punished, Trump will be relected. Not necessarily in that order.

    Trumps got this.

  6. No matter which clown the candidate turns out to be, it still comes down to a simple choice between Donald Trump and Socialism… unless Hillary steps in, then it’s outright thugocracy Communism!

  7. Hillary’s gonna run, with the intention of resigning if she wins, turning the presidency over to another crooked, thieving, America hating communist. Hillary’s health and alcoholism prevent her from functioning.


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