A Friendly Warning To The Left, “He’s Coming”

While I find most rap music overly aggressive and self-aggrandizing, there are times when it’s the best medium to convey a particular message. Case in Point. Watch

courtesy: Watch Maga (the first and last clips are worth your viewing time)

10 Comments on A Friendly Warning To The Left, “He’s Coming”

  1. I hate rap, but I liked this video. Actually this wasn’t rap in the true sense of the trash. It was an imitation with a good message.

  2. Excellent!!!

    C’mon man, I can’t stop laughing. Unfortunately, I will never unsee his tan now. However, the clip of Melania hula dancing will help.
    Not sure I would have used the racist Sam L Jackson in the video, but what do I know?

    I am thrilled that in #2 they point out that we are all Americans, not hyphenated Americans.

    Can you imagine anyone on the Democrat side allowing the special needs people on the stage with them?

  3. My guts tell me that President Trump will win the election in epic proportions. And the the democraps like Haman in the biblical story about Esther will be hung on their own gallows which they have built to destroy the American people. Next week with the democrap convention going on will be their death knell and they think they can win but God and the deplorables will prevail and they’ll overstep their bounds for all to see and sign their own political death warrant.


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