A glimpse at the life of an “AntiFascist”

Conservative Momma hits the ANTIFA nail right on the head.


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11 Comments on A glimpse at the life of an “AntiFascist”

  1. Love the satire, but how can I tell the difference between today’s antifa and the German brownshirts of the 1930s?

  2. @Wyatt, we have color TeeVee now. Watching in B&W is hard to tell. In person is a waste of your time because there is no difference and all you’ll do is make a millennial throw a tantrum.

  3. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk:<blockquote…how can I tell the difference between today’s antifa and the German brownshirts of the 1930s?The 1930s Germans targeted only certain ethnic or religious groups, today’s antifa will whack anybody, even their own people. In other words, the Germans were more restrained.

  4. Brilliant! We love this woman, and it was here on IOTW that we discovered her. Thanks, BFH.

    Today’s Leftist weak-sister weenies could never have gotten accepted into the 1930s Brownshirts.
    They couldn’t have met the physical fitness requirements, for starters. They can’t march and can’t sing.

    The original Brownshirts would have made short work of Antifa.

  5. I GOTTA share this with you guys.

    Go to this site: http://lgbtqia.ucdavis.edu/

    Then click on “Hours, Location, and Staff” in the quick links on the left, and read the bios. Be sure to read the captions under the pictures – it sounds like somebody’s narrating a fashion show.

    NOTE: Do NOT have anything in your mouth, I will not be responsible for wet keyboards or broken screens.

    h/t – Wirecutter (KDMLA)

  6. That Was Great ! I Like The Part She Nailed With an Agitifa’s Need to Remind Themselves, They Are All About Loving and Caring … LOL !!!

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