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A GREAT Newsmax Anchor

Bob Sellers, the asshole who cut off My Pillow’s Mike Lindell from talking about voter fraud, and ran away like a little bitch, is a sackless wonder.

This guy, Rob Schmitt, has the stones to tell it like it is –

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  1. Only one correction to Rob Schmitt’s otherwise excellent summary: the case against Dominion has yet to be proven in a court of law, but lots of testimony has been presented in other forums, including sworn testimony and depositions.

  2. I liked that Newsmax actually had Mike Lindell back on and didn’t cancel him when one of the employees had a hissy fit.

  3. He can report his truth all he wants it will make zero difference…ZERO. He may as well be up there wanking his wiener for all the difference it is going to make. The Uniparty rats have captured the WH and the narrative so now all is quiet and well in the Swamp as they feverish work to carve the US up and sell Americans out. Nothing and I mean Nothing is going to stop them. N-O-T-H-I-N-G

  4. Lindell needs to make a teething pillow to prevent gratuitous dental injuries to the democrat wing of the Republicrat Lemon Party.

  5. Don’t be fooled by Newsmax. The Owner was and is a big time Hilary Clinton supporter. He contributed heavily to her campaign.

    Another Faux News. A thin veneer of conservatives just to get the conservatives to tune in but leftist at the core. Stick with OAN.

  6. Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Zuckerburg, Bezos, pedo Dems, and MSM, are the beginning of Skynet or Cartman’s Trapper Keeper.
    Once they have Robocops and automated farming, they won’t need all the useless sheeple anymore.
    Just vaccine them into oblivion.

  7. Mr_Pinko,
    You think they might start droning us?
    When it comes to domestic extremists such as those who stormed the Capitol, a longtime CIA officer argues that the U.S. should treat them as an insurgency.

    That means using counterinsurgency tactics — similar in some ways to those used in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Robert Grenier served as the CIA’s station chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2001. He went on to become the CIA’s Iraq mission manager and then director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center from 2004 to 2006.

    “We may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our own country, perpetrated by our own countrymen,” Grenier wrote in The New York Times last week. And without national action, he argues, “extremists who seek a social apocalypse … are capable of producing endemic political violence of a sort not seen in this country since Reconstruction.”

  8. Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion not gangster crimes

    I feel the only way the political/media/entertainment/academic/big tech/etc. criminals will ever be punished is for President Trump to release ALL of the absolutely indefensible child sex trafficking files these evil people are/were engaged in and them throw them into the general prison population

  9. I like Schmitt. He used to be on in the morning before he got the nighttime gig. The guy who replaced him is okay – but I like Schmitt better. I go back and forth between Newsmax and Fox, picking and choosing the shows/hosts I like.


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