A Halloween Treat From Remy

Remy from ReasonTV does his best Michael Jackson (not for the easily offended social justice warrior).


10 Comments on A Halloween Treat From Remy

  1. Life without humor is Boring !
    I have a Liberal Jewish – Attorney friend who when we were in our 20s, came to me looking for an answer as to what made the Simpson’s funny to people ? He said when everyone starts cracking up I try to remember what just happened on the show to create laughter, so I can figure it out !

  2. That was great! This is how we win. How we push back at every turn and point out the ridiculousness of these lefty tards!

  3. Non-Chileans eating bass.
    I suppose that sounds better than Patagonian toothfish.
    This was awesome, triggered my funny-bone.
    I think Progs are born without one.


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