A Hard Way To Learn That Nobody Likes An Anti-Semite

Felix Kjellberg managed to create a YouTube following of 53 million and $15 million worth of deals with major corporations.  That was until Disney canceled a major production deal they had with “pewdiepie” creator after Kjellberg posted anti-Semite content that was not funny.

YouTube is also withdrawing support for Kjellberg and not airing the second season of his online show “scare pewdiepie.”


You should have stuck to posting shorts of yourself playing video games and swearing about it, Pewdie.

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  1. What the hell? None of the five Jews in Sweden complained. And the immigrants in Malmo thought it was funny as hell. Everybody’s a critic.

  2. ^
    The people holding the sign could READ english, so they knew exactly what it said. I suppose satire is dead then? I watched the video, it wasn’t that funny, but it also wasn’t the end of the world. You hear and see MUCH worse bullshit from Sarah Silverman and I don’t see Disney booting her from the wreak-it-ralph sequel.
    In society as it stands today, people like Richard Pryor [I’m not saying that pewdiepie is even an 8th as funny or talented as him but you get my gist], Pryor wouldn’t be nearly as beloved or famous as they were back in the day because of how sensitive and intolerant people are today. It’s disgusting.

  3. Look, I don’t even subscribe to the guy, and the joke wasn’t funny, but this is being massively misrepresented, pewds is a douche, but he’s not demonrat material.

  4. Unfortunately, you all are misrepresenting totally what occurred and as for “Anti-Semitism,” I guess the Mouse House has totally changed since the good old days of Uncle Walt, huh?

  5. Maybe I wasn’t clear in my earlier comment, but this post is 100% WRONG. PDP is actually a decent guy, trolling the leftist media who’s been attacking and trying to destroy him & shut down his free speech.
    Posts like this on the right are EXACTLY what these Proggie SJWs want.
    Please stop helping them.

  6. He could move to any district that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary and run for public office. He would win in a landslides

  7. I need more info…particularly his “offensive” vid/s.
    Would such hysteria (a la Sarah Silverman) also condemn
    the films “The Producers” or “To Be Or Not To Be”?

  8. look up facts he was shitting on youtube laws. Not defending him but he did
    a milo sort of trick. you DO NOT WANT TO BE A SJW

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