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A Hard Week for the Hard Left

As Cuba erupts, they’ve gotten awfully quiet.

Spectator: It sure has been quiet the last few days among the “democratic socialist” crowd.

Bernie Sanders, who can’t shut up about much of anything most of the time, seems to have lost his tongue and his Twitter. Ditto for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow commie-harpies in the Squad.

Why do you think that is?

One would imagine the fact that one of the American Left’s pet regimes, that which governs the enslaved island of Cuba, is on the verge of toppling might have something to do with it.

It’s been a really interesting weekend in Cuba, as massive demonstrations have broken out all over the island and the Castroite government there has threatened to put them down with violence.

The outbreak of protest led to one of the more bizarre news leads, which landed the New York Times under a pile of ridicule:

Shouting “Freedom” and other anti-government slogans, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets in cities around the country on Sunday to protest food and medicine shortages, in a remarkable eruption of discontent not seen in nearly 30 years.

Dan Bongino let the Times have it for that, pointing out that it summed up the divide between Left and Right in America perfectly. As Bongino put it, “Freedom” is a right given by God, not government, and the Times‘ tweet promoting its Cuba coverage shows its employees have it backwards. more here

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  1. And now they are banning Cuban and Haitian refugees, while more and more cross the Mexican border and are welcomed in. In fact they haven’t announced the June numbers yet, obviously hiding a number greater than the April and May records.
    Meanwhile the voter fraud claims are gaining traction in several states. And covid lockdowns are meeting more and more resistance – particularly when Dems post photos of large groups without masks, then push masks and vaccines.
    Oh, and the groups most resistant to vaccines are not Republicans as much as they are minorities – particularly black and hispanics.
    Yep, a bad week for the Left.

  2. I could actually see Joe Pedo ordering US airstrikes on civilians on behalf of the Cuban government.

    One, they’re fellow travelers with a common ideology.

    Two, dictators like to give each other legitimacy, and he can always say he’s “protecting the legitimate government of Cuba” from White Supremacists or Trump supporters or whatever the hell today’s flavor is.

    Three, it’s probably very much on what remains of his syphilis addled mind that he needs a shocking demonstration to ensure that the mounting evidence that Trump is the legitimate president HERE doesn’t result in HIS overthrow, and killing a bunch of people trying to shake off oppression on behalf of a bunch of old Communist sends a pretty clear message about that.

    Fourth, he has an untried “Wokie” Air Force and Navy that he needs to get some confidence in, that needs to develop some skills, and needs to try out new tactics for areal supression of restive urban populations for future use. This could be accomplished by using Cuba as a dress rehearsal…and there’s precident for it. In 1937, newly minted Chancellor Hitler wanted to help fellow fascist Franco of Spain out, and also rehearse HIS new air force to work out tactics ahead of the Blitzkrieg. The answer to both these desires was found in bombing the civilian Basque population of Guernca, Spain, which was done with the ruthless efficiency that would become a Luftwaffe hallmark and secured Spain as an ally for the rest of the war, and obviously honed his tactics on a world stage so both the fear and efficiency of German air assets were greatly increased.

    Of course it also killed a LOT of civilians and marked a then-new savage use of airplanes against noncombatants, but that hardly matters to a fascist.

    Pablo Picasso did this work commemorating the event. I’m not usually a fan, but he captured something here…


    …bear in mind that the devil is not creative, so he always repeats. We’ve all seen the Democrats’ act before, just the names were different and the weapons are better.

    Will Havana be our Guernica?

    …we shall see…

  3. It’s going to get a lot worse when the results of these audits are revealed.

  4. If only the United States had lifted those terrible Trump imposed sanctions and continued the enlightened policies of Baracky Obammy! Every problem Castro’s Cuba has would simply go away if our country would just adjust its attitude towards Socialism. Every Leftist in America must be dreading the day when the truth about this Communist Hellhole is finally exposed for all to see. It’s kind of enjoyable watching Bernie Sanders trying to pretend that this is just another step forward towards universal equality and brotherhood.

  5. If you have any doubt;

    Don’t mean to get REAL OFFENSIVE, BUT, if you can’t figure out by now just how great a threat this country is under from the commie PHUCKS….

    Then you are totally stupid and beyond hope.

    This country will either survive WITH you or it will collapse WITHOUT you.

  6. Maybe the Cubans were inspired by the 1/6 Patriots.

  7. “that which governs the enslaved island of Cuba, is on the verge of toppling ”

    I don’t believe this for a moment.

  8. “ I don’t believe this for a moment.”

    Cuba is considered rather strategic by Putin. He won’t let that happen. Ever.

  9. @Brad,

    You may be right. What are your thoughts on how Putin would use Cuba strategically?


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