A-holes Sign Petition To Paint the White House Brown To Combat White Supremacy

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26 Comments on A-holes Sign Petition To Paint the White House Brown To Combat White Supremacy

  1. Can we go back in time and require one must pass at least a 3rd grade US history civics test to vote? I am so tired of these morons cancelling my vote.

  2. lack of parental involvement, public education and the msm.

    this is how you create such non-critical thinking people.

  3. Maybe the next question should be, what shade of brown should it be painted? I’m sure there will be a consensus on that.

  4. I once was at a hipster college restaurant back in the 80’s, with some friends, and the tables were covered with brown paper, with a bucket of crayons on it so you could doodle while you waited. (Yes, the infantilization of college kids began that early)

    A proto-SJW chick pulled out a pinkish crayon labeled “Flesh” and shrieked, “How can they just say that all flesh is pink?? That is so ethnocentric!!” I made the mistake of pointing out that all flesh is indeed pink, maybe she should dig in the bucket further to see what color the”Skin” crayon was.

    Needless to say, it was chilly at that table.

  5. Conversely, just RE-NAME *their* color:
    call THEM “white.”

    Explodey heads in 3…2…1….

  6. How come white people are assigned just one colour, blacks get a whole self descriptive box of paint?
    Black Privilege.

  7. OpenTheDoor, I swear that carmakers offer thirty different shades of brown and bronze to cater to blacks who like.to drive cars which match their skin color.

  8. I think the better option would be to build another smaller house on the property. The big house (former white house) should then be renamed after Zer0 and remain vacant until another halfrican is elected. Then all whitey cracker ass presidents have to live in the smaller house during their term, like a plantation reversal.

  9. You’re missing the point.
    Blacks get all the way from:
    Near White
    Good Hair Tan
    Pecan Tan
    Dark Brown
    And a plethora in-between,
    We get White, maybe Ruddy, if you’re a Ginger, Pasty seems awfully demeaning to Edger Winter, what about the diversity?
    I’m so white, I glow in the moonlight.

  10. Just when you think Mark can’t possibly find more imbeciles to support his latest absurdity… And how come no one recognizes him? He’s like that guy that juggles chainsaws over the heads of stupid people that lay on the ground. WEARING A GUMBY HAT!!

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