A Holocaust survivor criticizes Camera Hogg

BPR: True Holocaust survivor speaks out on gun control, tells Hogg he cannot steal ‘Never Again’.

According to Holocaust concentration camp survivor Dov Marhoffer, stopping gun violence in America requires real solutions, not the tired platitudes or desperate measures being touted daily by the likes of Parkland survivor David Hogg and his gun control allies.

Writing for the Arizona Jewish Post this week, the Holocaust survivor and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership member was especially critical of Hogg’s attempts to exploit the Holocaust to promote his progressive dream of a gun-less utopia.

“The book ‘#NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line,’ by David Hogg and Lauren Hogg, who were present at the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is a desperate call for gun control,” Marhoffer wrote.

“The book is meant to address drug-addled, video-mesmerized, psychotic, murderous classmates, but it misappropriates and reverses the central messages and lessons of the Holocaust.”

He specifically takes issues with Hogg’s appropriation of the phrase “Never again”. MORE

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  1. I’m appalled by how easily a puppy like Hogg can rise to national attention and even more appalled that people will listen to him. Of course most of us know he didn’t do all this by himself and is being promoted and propped up by the Left — being used as one in a long line of tools to further their aim of eradicating the 2A. Why aren’t conservatives churning out books, just as rapidly, in response to Hogg’s Hoggwash?

  2. AA, Clearly he is a little man, and progressives are all about the little man. Especially when he uses big words like “fcuk guns! fcuk the 2A!” and all the progressive puppy dog eyes glisten with emotion while their pupils turn to hearts. It’s difficult for conservatives to punch down enough material for a book.

  3. Doesn’t this idiot realize he’ll probably be shot in the first purge after the democraps consolidate their power along with all the other useful idiots. Sayanara, asta la vista, arrivederci, aufeiderzein pal!

  4. The little a$$hole is called a “survivor of the shooting”. By his own admission, he was at home when it took place and went there after it was all over. A real hero.

  5. And, to the comments above, his mother Lauren certainly is not a “survivor” of the shooting.

    I saw Hogg at Logan airport last month 8/26, trying to get on the same plane back to Fort Lauderdale that I was taking. Weird little puke. He spent the entire time he was at the Jet Blue gate yakking into his cell phone while walking around in circles or standing and rocking almost spastically like he was on some kind of drugs.

  6. Shirley this book went through an edit.
    Did nobody think having a historical Hebrew holocaust catchphrase as a title for denying people their rights, was a poor idea?
    It’s official, they have lost their fucking minds to TDS.

  7. You people need to stop being so narrow minded. It’s pefectly acceptable for the new generation to hate guns and jews.

  8. @AbigailAdams – Unfortunately the only people who read logical/sane books nowadays are Conservatives. Older Conservatives at that.

  9. What is especially twisted is that Jews should be the strongest supporters of firearms ownership and the man-boy Hogg is stealing their phrase to avoid ever having another genocide and firearms are one means to avoid it.

    I am not a Jew, yet I belong to JPFO. What the hell is wrong with those liberal Jews who support gun control? Oh yeah, “liberal” means someone who is controlled by emotion. They are useless.

  10. Liberal Jews are Jews-In-Name-Only. They keep little to none of the rituals that define Jews. Orthodox Jews do keep the rituals and are generally conservative.


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