A Hopeful Tale About Little Snails

Partula snails, also known as Polynesian tree snails, were once common across the  islands of the southwest Pacific. Their shells were once used by locals as jewelry. That was until the giant African land snail invaded and began ravaging the countryside starting from the 1800s.

The predatory Rosy Wolf snail was introduced in the 1950s in hopes it would put a check on the African land snails. It instead went after the local partula species and wiped them out of the wild by the late 1970s.

Biologists at the time tried to save all the Partula snails they could find and kept them going in various zoos across the UK and The United States. Now that the Rosy Wolf snail populations have crashed, they are re-introducing the Partula snails back to Tahiti.

Of a known 65 species of Polynesian Patrula snails, 45 have gone extinct.  More 

A whole webpage dedicated to Partula tree snails is Here

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  1. They should just introduce a bunch of different snail species to those islands and let ’em slug it out.

    P.S. – At one time McDonald’s considered adding escargot to their menu, but ultimately they decided it really wasn’t fast food.

  2. Hey Larry I just saw a cartoon about you and your mate. As you well know I’m an ignoram ass when it comes to computer stuff, even BFH will tell you that, but I want to describe it to you. Here we go.
    Noah is standing in water up to his neck. There are two snails working their way up the gang blank. (you and your significant other, I imagine)
    And Noah says “Take your time.” LMAO Noah was a funny guy.

  3. @Little Morphin Annie – oh yes please! I’m doing battle with stink bugs invading my house now, trying to keep warm. I hate the little pests.

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