A hot dog makes him lose control



DC:When you’re riding a fancy, pricy train from New York to Washington, D.C., and you’re a journalist working as a big editor at TIME magazine, you want people to treat you with the respect you deserve. So when an Amtrak attendant makes fun of you for ordering a hot dog as you’re approaching the nation’s capital, raise the bridge and send the worker to the alligators.

If only the proles would just get in line and treat our intelligentsia with the respect they deserve.

“I order a hot dog on the Acela,” tweeted Anand GiridharadasTIME‘s editor-at-large, an MSNBC analyst and “Morning Joe” regular, on Friday afternoon “The attendant laughs at me. Mean-laughs. I ask why. ‘Because we’re going to be in DC in a few minutes, and you want a hot dog.’ ?????? I feel like I’m in a play whose tickets I couldn’t afford. We are not yet in Baltimore. Half an hour to go.”

The attendant mean laughed at him?

Is he five years old?

A one-way ticket to D.C. on the Acela express can cost anywhere from $173 to over $400 if you opt for first class.

But this guy is not done complaining about hot dogs.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time he has gotten all cranky about something stupid.   more

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  1. Anand Giridaradas was born in Bombay, India, but he wants us to pronounce it Mumbai. He’s the curry coon on Mourning Joe with the ridiculous hair that needs cutting. He thinks that President Trump lost to President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton and is going to be removed from office. He wants us to have a real democracy similar to the one he fled to come over here to help wreck. Anand owes his presence in this country to Teddy Kennedy. One more reason to hate that bastard.

  2. He suffers under the illusion that people all recognize and are in awe of him. The fact is he looks just like the majority of other third world immigrants, disheveled and tattered looking like they badly need to bathe and have unpronounceable names.

    Get used to it loser!

  3. Maybe it was the way he was eating the hot dog. Laboring up and down diligently, his teeth never breaking the casing.

  4. If they come from India and their name isn’t Patel or Gupta, they are usually a pain in the ass Brahmin.
    An untouchable’s shadow cannot even fall across him.

  5. I’m not impressed by either.

    Mr whiner may be too sensitive, BUT:

    If the attendant was my employee, we would be having a talk about P.R., customer relations in general, and why he is failing the company he works for in this area.

    Shaming, or attempting to shame, a customer would be a red strike on you around here.

    I might lose it on him if I witnessed it happen. Starting with: “WTF do you think you are doing? Keep your opinions to yourself unless asked for them by the customer. You are here to SERVE and give them a good experience using our services. That’s all! You failed at this.”

  6. Editor-in-Large at TIME?
    Isn’t that the rag what sold for $1, and vastly overpriced I might add (might, but won’t, out of civility), a few years ago?
    And HE’S hoity-toity?
    Isn’t that like being “Prince of the Dumpster?”
    “Youze stinkin winos stand back! I gotz first dibs on them eggshells!”

    Pride goeth before a fall. (TRF – that’s some funny shit, there!)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. It’s a small twist of fate that has him ordering hot dogs, and not selling them.
    Thank you,. Come again.

  8. The Acela trains are not faster than the normal regional trains that run on the same tracks. All trains run at the same speed. The only benefit is their timing w/r/t the others so they can avoid the smaller stations between cities. Between NYC and DC, the Acela may save a passenger about 45 minutes. That’s not much time to justify hundreds of dollars more per round trip.

  9. Maybe the attendant know the hot dog was a few days old and was saving this guy from a few days of gastro distress.

  10. Sounds like somebody had a meltdown on a government train…


    …because a black person laughed at him. Yes, I’m just guessing it was a black person, but you know I’m right.

    And Anand, if you get the full-blown socialism you crave, EVERYTHING will be like your train ride. Except there will be no hotdogs anywhere.

  11. This guy seems to forget that Time Magazine has been reduced to a vanity project for some software billionaire’s wife. Years ago it was a pretty good weekly read but the lean to the left became steeper and the growing popularity of the internet and hand held devices drove it down to just a handful of pages each week with little hard reporting. It was sold off a few times before ending up as a cocktail party conversation piece for some guys wife. Maybe this “editor” ought to think about not looking like such a petty little twerp in front of the few readers they have left (they quite a circulation of 2.3 million but I’m pretty inflated).
    To be fair though, the attendant shouldn’t have laughed because Amtrak could use all the money it can get even if it comes from a lowly hotdog.

  12. Just guessing here, but I suspect that the hotdogs, both of them, were probably subsidized by taxpayer funds!


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