A Japanese tech company has made it possible for fathers to “breastfeed”

Question: Why on earth is it important for the father’s to do this?

Answer: In order to further blur the lines on biology, gender and sex assignment.

Question: Why on earth is it important for the left to do this?


USA Today-

According to Dentsu, the father’s nursing assistant is a wearable device that resembles a woman’s breasts and is equipped with a tank for milk or formula and a nipple. The device also tracks the baby’s sleeping and feeding and allows parents to see the data on an application.

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The kit allows fathers to breastfeed by having them take a daily progestin pill once they learn their partner is pregnant and then six weeks before the baby is due they would begin taking domperidone. These two hormones would stimulate milk production in male fathers.


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19 Comments on A Japanese tech company has made it possible for fathers to “breastfeed”

  1. “These two hormones would stimulate milk production in male fathers”

    Just how many of these “fathers” would prove out if a DNA test were given?

  2. Yick!!

    Mother’s breastmilk contains an enormous quantity and variety of post-partum hormones that properly are passed on to the baby.

    But the hormones and drug crap given to these weirdo men…?? Do we really want to start messing with infants this way?

  3. No interest in ever going to asia. Post kamikaze Japan after a well earned nuking, seemed the less off putting place in asia. I was wrong. Even less interest.

    And don’t eat japanese mozzarella.

  4. Because nothing spells the most beautiful bonding experience between parent and baby like a mouth full of chest hair.

  5. Why can’t mom’s just pump and dad give the baby a bottle?

    How freaking sick and twisted is this world going to get?

  6. @Engelburka Engelburka, Japanese men tend to be less hairy than other races, but for a representation of what you’re saying, you need look no further than the video in the previous comment…

  7. Dumb…..just plain phucking stupid, stupid, stupid.

    It’s just another “Oh look, a shinny object” of distraction and continued immersion of dumbness and confusion for normal people, brought to you by ignorant, liberal asswipes that constantly want the general public sidetracked and admiring their genitals while ignoring the horrors that are about to befall them.

  8. Sired four kids. Never EVER felt the need or had the desire to do such a thing. That’s what the mom is for.


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