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A Lasting Legacy

King Putt took four and a half hours out of his busy schedule of ginning up race hatred, surrendering abroad and destroying the nation in general this Memorial Day Weekend to play his 291st round of golf since assuming office.


Will he have lifetime access the course at Camp David after he’s out of office? That would explain why they plan on staying in D.C. after he’s done ruining us all.


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  1. If he got hit by lightning while playing golf, I would truly mourn, because you know a couple of brave earthworms lost their lives in all of this.

  2. I notice the grass is not trimmed neatly around the head stones, and is patchy. Could it be a cut back in “unnecessary labor” to save money?

    IOTW is going bonkers on me. freezing, jumping, can’t t

  3. Hopefully Bathroom Barry, the Tranny-loving, imperious, Benghazi-bullshitting, phoney-baloney, plastic-banana republic, Marxist Muzlim Mallard, won’t try to pull a Mulligan in 2017!

  4. I was listening to the ceremony this morning at Arlington and it was a lovely salute to our fallen heroes, until that man starting talking. He’s the turd in every punch bowl. He’s the rain cloud on every sunny day. He’s the flat tire on every joy ride. Let this be a lesson for us and future generations, all.

  5. Well, it’s official I’m now rooting for Trump with a strong VP and strong cabinet to win this election. A big part of the reason is that this outcome in the US election may just save Canada from young Mr. Trudeau and his Liberal Party progressive socialists. GO TRUMP!

  6. HooRah to all my fellow service people on this great day to remember. never forget what and who they lived and died for.

  7. He said: “The Veterans should get what they deserve …”

    What do you suppose he meant by that?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I wonder why his fellow Africans allow him to take so much down time from his race baiting and white debasement attacks to play that silly, prissy white elitist game?

  9. to make myself feel better, i simply juxtapose an image of this jug-eared pussy against the image of our brave troops, and it makes me smile

    he is a clueless, delusional narcissist

  10. If he’s played 291 rounds of golf, you figure he must’ve gone skeetshooting at least that one pretend time for the fraudulent photo op.

  11. Will he have lifetime access the course at Camp David after he’s out of office
    Redefine it as Camp Fairy and he might be interested.

  12. No Veteran’s cemetery should ever have to be sullied by this treasonous commie rat’s presence. Shameful. Wanna see an entire cemetery that looks like a golf green? Treat yourself to the American Cemetery in Florence, Italy. Last we were there the place looked ready for a Marine Corp DI’s white glove inspection. Sacred, somber, beautiful.

  13. Yes Judgeroy. I’ve been to two in France.Spotless and trim.
    That’s the way they should all be. I assume the one in the photo is Arlington? Looks pretty shabby to me.

  14. PM. General McCrystal is alleged to have said, when asked if he would piss on BHO’s grave: I will never stand in line again when I leave the Army.

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