A Little Like the Obama Library

14 Comments on A Little Like the Obama Library

  1. It’s an open secret that the larger half of the public are clearly confused about what an oxymoron is. This museum could help.

  2. Ah yes, the Islamic Science wing where they show how they invented the telephone, the radio, the airplane, the television, etc.
    Pure bunk since it’s a well known fact that the Soviets did all that in the 70s…

  3. I read a few days ago that Barry’s library will cost 1/2 BILLION! How many copies of his horrible books, menus from his never ending vacations, and his golf “scores” can he put in there? One thing that wont be in there are his college transcripts.

  4. So wise it gotsta be a oxy-moron?
    A reglar, run-a-da-mill moran can’t be good nuff?

    Fukkin smart-ass punk college boyz!

  5. A new classic,
    Illustrating a fine mess,
    That’s awful pretty inside,
    With bureaucratic efficiency.

    Nevermind this deliberately thoughtless comment.


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