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A Look at the Legal Side of Stand Your Ground and Other Questions of Self-Defense

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Misinformation about self-defense rights and laws is what has sparked major debate over the misapplication of lethal force in civilian communities.

Bruce Lawlor identifies the major issues in self-defense cases, and the legal approaches used to resolve them.

The result is less confusion and greater understanding of what self-defense is, and how to go about determining if a homicide is self-defense or murder.

When Deadly Force is Involved


  • Demystifies the law self-defense
  • Uses interesting stories, based on actual shootings, to describe situations in which self-defense was claimed
  • Identifies the major issues that are present in almost every self-defense case
  • Describes the main legal approaches that judges and juries use to decide what happened during a deadly confrontation
  • Provides an easy to understand framework for analyzing claims of self-defense that is applicable in to all states, and adaptable to individual states
  • Helps non-lawyers understand when deadly force can be used in self-defense

Self-defense is the number one reason people in the United States give for owning a firearm. Americans, or at least part of them, have decided they are willing to use deadly force, if necessary, for their own safety in critical life and death situations. This book is to help them as well as those who are thinking about the individual’s role in dealing with distributed, and networked threats, whether criminal or terrorist.  read more

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  1. ‘nother one for the bookshelf. Thanks!

    Home invasions are rare here but I did stop one without using force other than total control of the situation – didn’t give the perps a chance to think. I have read a lot of references, patritularly Massad Ayoob. Can’t know enough about correct use of deadly force. It’s one thing to own a gun or two, but training without introducing law isn’t enough. Not only does one sink to the level of their training in a tense situation, one also sinks to the level of their knowledge.

  2. I like to think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this sort of thing. I’ve been exposed to some real shit ccw trainers. They spend 12 hours shooting and at the end of the class hand out a copy of Penal codes you should probably read. Most students never bother. They also never bother practicing their gun skills after that 12 hours. They’re time bombs looking to end up in jail. Immenent threat is the key. And if they’re backing up they’re not a threat. Pro Tip. Every time you shoot, record it on a spread sheet or even pictures of your targets with your cell phone. Document how much you practice. If your ever involved in a shoot, that’s the first thing the prosecution will bring up.
    This sounds like an awesome book, I will buy it.

  3. I fear having to use a firearm on another person, mostly because of the problems that result in doing so. I also have no desire to kill anyone. However, some people deserve it no matter the end result.

    That’s a problem I’ll work out in a second or two.

  4. @Lowell ~ owning a gun makes you a gun owner, owning a guitar makes you guitar owner

    how to use them is up to you

  5. @BBrad ~ great idea about the spreadsheet/pic documentation … gonna start one, starting last month

    Like to take credit for that, not my idea. My personal ccw guy is a Sacramento County Sherrif that’s been involved in three officer involved and they go through the same legal shit. No shooting in his classes. He claims he can’t teach you to shoot in 12 hours. I don’t need anybody to teach me to shoot. He walks you through very animated shoot don’t shoot scenarios. The other courses I’ve been exposed to are trainers trying to get me to endorse them. I’ve stopped doing it. My trainer use to record his time at the range and it saved his ass in an officer involved. The guys got some awesome stories.

  7. I’ll have lived a blessed life if I never have to kill someone, be it in battle or self defense. I’m too old for battle, unless shit really hits the fan, and I have no choice. Self-defense is another matter. I’ve been the victim of a violent attack, and I won’t be one again. Thankfully, I live in a pretty peaceful and crime free area, but I’m always prepared.

  8. We don’t have stand your ground, but
    we do have castle doctrine. I’m fine with
    Generally in the public I make sure we don’t
    go to places or put ourselves in situations that
    could evolve into a shit show where I’d have
    to pull out my firearm.

  9. Stand your ground is highly misunderstood by us plebes. I think calling the law that leads to the misunderstanding.

    Here is Branca explaining it to a German show’s host. You can tell the host has a hard time with any law that allows you to defend yourself.


    His site

    His twitter page – no account needed to read it

    His twitter feed is a good place to find links to relevant events in self defense. Like explaining the Zimmerman trial and how stand your ground was never a part of the trial.

    (Zim had no opportunity to retreat once TrayTray attacked him and started using deadly force.)

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