A Majority Of Voters Believe Trump Will Fulfill 9 Out Of His 10 Promises This Year

DC: A majority of voters believe that Donald Trump will accomplish nine of his top ten policy proposals during his first year in office.
According to the results of a new Politico/Morning Consult Poll, 64 percent of voters think it’s “somewhat likely” Trump can repeal the 2010 health care law, 62 percent believe he can replace it, 56 percent have faith he will pass a federal tax overhaul and 62 percent think he can pass an infrastructure spending bill.

Those numbers decreased when voters were asked if it’s “very likely” Trump will get these things down within the year.

Only 33 percent said it was “very likely” he’ll repeal the healthcare law, 21 percent agreed he can implement tax reform and 23 percent believe it’s likely there will be an infrastructure bill.

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25 Comments on A Majority Of Voters Believe Trump Will Fulfill 9 Out Of His 10 Promises This Year

  1. If Trump is to succeed he better get Ryan, McCONnel and the RINOs to listen to the voters.
    Right now they are the establishment elite obstructionists.

  2. this man is exactly what we need to follow the 8-yr obama disaster

    he is a fighter, extremely competitive, smart, knows how to kick ass and win, but also how to negotiate good deals for america

    anyone who wants to line up against him, individually or organizationally, should be prepared to lose, painfully

  3. Trump is IN CHARGE. I’m not worried about anything.

    He is brilliant. He knows what he’s doing. And, as he said, we will get so tired of WINNING.

    Not yet, though. It will be a looooong time before I say “uncle.” If ever!

    You go, Trump!

  4. When will the world realize, Trump never leads with his chin.
    Of course he supports the new health care bill. But it’s the opening salvo in a long war.
    The final product will probably not resemble this plan. Trump knows, and expects this.
    He doesn’t care about which version of success he gets.
    As long as it is better.

  5. I’m liking Trump less and less as the weeks pass. I’m losing faith in the man. Trump promised a COMPLETE REPEAL and REPLACE of obamacare and that’s obviously not happening. He was praising Trumpcare yesterday, so either this guy is a total lunatic, or he’s just a liar, I don’t which it is yet.

    He’s cozy with Betraeus, Ryan is still there, along with other establishment republicans. Certainly not draining the swamp as he promised.

    These actions, or inactions on the part of Trump don’t instill confidence, only serve to tell me that my hunch on this guy was right all along. Not looking to start a war here, but his actions speak louder than his campaign promises.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  6. Poor Lazlo:

    I do not ever remember Trump telling me or my family that he would start with obamacare and improve upon that. What I remember him saying was, “repeal and replace” and “obamacare is terrible for our country and it’s going to be repealed folks, believe me, believe me”.

    I tend to hold people to what they promise. This is this country’s LAST CHANCE to rid its government of the communists and filthy muslims that have infiltrated it.

  7. Dadof4, maybe you can tell me where I’m wrong… Did the man promise a complete repeal and replace, or did I dream that? Or did he say that he would “tinker” with obamacare and that would be the new healthcare law? I don’t recall that either.

    Prove me wrong. Please. I want nothing more.

  8. “I’m liking Trump less and less as the weeks pass. I’m losing faith in the man. ”

    I am downvoting your downward push.

    You are no different than a Never-Trump at this point.

    Thanks for whatever support you gave in the past. If you ever gave any.

  9. No support here on this end from me, which is why I don’t feel quite as slighted as some of the people that voted for him.

    You don’t have to like my “downward push” of Trump, but you also cannot refute that the man has either blatantly lied to the People about at least the healthcare law, or he’s just a conman.

    If I was forced to vote for dumb or dumber, I would have chosen Trump, holding my nose all the way to the polls. But, no, not this time… Give me a REAL conservative, someone that really does have MY interest and the interest of those around me. Conservatives have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years now about the shitty candidates that are thrown at us every 4 years.

  10. I’ll leave everyone with this, in Trumps own words regarding trumpcare:

    “It’s a great bill, we’re going to have tremendous – I really believe we’re going to have tremendous support, I’m already seeing the support not only in this room, I’m seeing it from everybody. I’m proud to support the replacement plan released by the House of Representatives and encouraged by members of both parties.”

    What a maroon!

    If you hired a contractor to do work at your home and the contractor provided you with a detailed quote for the work to be completed, and the services were not exactly what what was proposed, would you be happy and pay for it? Absolutely not! So why are “conservatives” here accepting this crap and making excuses for him?

    Here’s the thing… Had Trump gone to the American people and explained WHY he had no other choice but to do what he did, and it made sense to the American People, fine, I say… But that’s NOT what he did. It was a blatant Bait and Switch.

    It’s a slap in the face to conservatives and anyone that voted for him. I also notice that iotwreport isn’t really touching the healthcare issue too much. I wonder why that could be?

  11. Brad, you’re absolutely no better than a liberal. Shut down the conversation by name calling. Wow.

    How about discussing the issue? Why can’t you just show me and all the other conservatives where we are being unreasonable? I don’t think I’ve been unreasonable in any of my posts thus far, Brad.

  12. To be honest I would have been happier if Trump would have said, alright this is a start, but I know we can do better, and we will. Repeal of obamacare and immigration were two of the important issues that he ran on. Immigration issues are progressing reasonably well. I’ve got to believe we can do better on obamacare.

  13. joe6pak
    He’s in a fairly dynamic fight. He’s mentioned twice in as many days “Wrap this up we need to move on to tax reform”. He might feel that’s going to be a bigger battle. Who knows. I think we need to give it a year before we start trying to second guess what he’s doing. Plus that Health Insurance bill has not been signed yet. Let’s see where that goes.

  14. Brad, believe me, I’m not losing faith. I love the guy. He absolutely has a war on his hands and obamacare is certainly a critical battle. I don’t think he can come back to the table after the next health care bill passes. It’s now or it will be a few years before we can do more. Let’s get more now. Selling across state lines is worth fighting for now, I don’t think that is in the current rinocare, is it.

  15. Well Brad, when Trump brings my job back from Pakistan, or prevents a foreigner with a H1B Visa from taking my job here in America, I guess I’ll be happy about that, but until then, I’m STILL unemployed and am barely making ends meet just like millions of other Americans.

    I’m patient, and no, I don’t expect that Trump can waive his wand and fix everything overnight, but this healthcare fiasco he’s creating doesn’t give me great confidence in him up to this point.

    And what the hell is with this guy retaining establishment republicans? This doesn’t bother or concern you in the least????!!!! It does me and every single conservative I speak with.

    What I see are a lot of people just like you, Brad… They are making excuses for Trump instead of holding his feet to the fire. But, God forbid, someone tries and point out the obvious, you’re attacked for it.

    Believe me, Brad, there are more people than you think that agree with my sentiment than you’d like to belive. I’d like to see Trump do exactly what he promised the American people. That would make me happy.

  16. Anonymous,

    Here the deal. He’s barely taken office and I see all kinds of people ready to throw him under the bus. He’s accomplished more in a shorter period of time than anybody that’s held that office. Jeez, give the guy a little time.
    As far as your job, don’t feel like the lone ranger. When Obama took office I had 50 people in my employ and owned a 17,000 square foot building and a shit load of CNC machines. I’m now in a 2500 square foot rental with just a couple machines. Manufacturing has been all bet eliminated on most of the West Coast. But I’m already starting to see it come back. What other person is more suited to resurrect our economy? Good luck with your job.

  17. Brad, I responded to your last comment, but for some reason, the moderator must have decided not to post it for some reason.

    What I said, in a nutshell was that I appreciate your kind words and I hope that you are right. I am waiting patiently for some positive changes to take place with this Trump administration.

    And the main reason I wanted to post back was to tell everyone that I found some really good news regarding trumpcare. It seems the House Freedom Caucus is having nothing to do with Ryan’s bill. They want a full repeal, so I’m hopeful once again that this happens!


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