A “man-free” music festival won’t fix Sweden’s rape problem

David Menzies reports, Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare is organizing a “man-free” music festival in her homeland in response to rape and sexual assault claims at festivals. Watch as David shares some inconvenient truths about Sweden’s “rape culture”.


SNIP: She can’t admit it isn’t ALL men doing the raping and groping at the music festivals, it’s MUSLIM MEN.
Are all women this stupid in Sweden? Or just the Liberal ones?

12 Comments on A “man-free” music festival won’t fix Sweden’s rape problem

  1. Remember when they used to be revered as a strong defensive country?

    Goddamn morons got’s no balls now. When they gonna start issuing the muzzies rifles?

  2. “Not all muzlimes are terrorists… you cant blame all muzlimes for the actions of a few !!!” heard from liberal scum all the time.

    “All Swedish men must be blamed for the actions of just a very few
    and punished (for what muzlimes did)” also heard from the retarded liberals all the time.

    You cant blame all muzlime scum for the actions of a lone wolf or 1 or 2 muzlime attackers/bombers but you MUST blame all gun owners for the actions of one or two gun owners that go postal….

  3. Europe, where the women demand, and the “men” comply with the directive to sit down when the pee.

  4. Bad Brad blames the Swedish men. What a shame. No wonder the women have no sense of accountability.

  5. Swedish fag men should do to muzlime rapists what Malcom X said he would do to anyone that inslulted Elijah Mohammed with mean words.

  6. “tough guy”

    Yikes a key board warrior.

    Whether they brought them in or not they probably don’t deserve being raped. Wada ya think? And the Swedish men have no balls. Are you a Muzzie? Just curious.

  7. The keyboard warrior is you. All day everyday you beat your chest on here and it’s SO OLD. Keep whiteknighting you bitch.

  8. Hang on, stop crying. I can understand why your weak ass is upset. Try some protein supplements. Join a gym. I’ll help your feminine ass anyway I can. You too, can be a man.

  9. melmoth
    Please tell me you live in Northern Cali someplace. Now I want to meet your dumb ass. Insult all you want, there’s only one truth. Let’s find out what that truth is pussy.


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