A Massive Hole in TSA Security

DHS Gives the ‘Red Carpet to Middle Eastern Airlines

Judicial Watch:

Next time you’re waiting in your socks as your luggage is rifled through by security at the TSA checkpoint, you might reflect on how unchecked people and vehicles are getting through security in other parts of the airport. Our Corruption Chronicles blog exposes the disturbing facts.

The massive agency created after9/11 to protect the nation risks security at U.S. airports by letting airlines impose expedited measures to keep traffic flowing, according to government officials interviewed by Judicial Watch. “The airlines call the shots,” said a veteran federal agent who has worked at one of the nation’s largest airports as well as the Mexican and Canadian border. “It’s all about facilitating traffic, moving people. Airlines have incredible power at airports and they dictate how Customs and Border Protection (CPB) entry/exit inspection agents do their job.” In fact, airline employees are allowed in the inspections/customs area for incoming passengers specifically to monitor wait times and file complaints with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which caters to them.

Other CBP port inspection sources told Judicial Watch that in the academy agents are trained to take their time in order to properly complete inspection duties. They are specifically taught not be pressured by wait times for passengers or complaints from airlines. The reality is much different, federal agents say. Once they’re on the job, DHS caves into airlines’ demands for quick—and less thorough—inspections. “When you get to the port management moves away from the importance of inspections,” said one frustrated CPB inspector on the job for more than a decade. “It’s more about speed than safety.” Another longtime CPB agent confirmed that “wait times are a major problem which causes a security compromise to avoid complaints from the airlines and flyers, both international and domestic.” A high-level CPB port inspector with nearly 15 years of experience said Middle Eastern airlines get the “red carpet.”

Concerned CBP agents came forward about the unbelievable airport inspection protocol on the heels of a national newscast about food trucks driving through airport gates unchecked. The aircraft catering trucks are exempt from inspections for religious reasons, according to a former federal air marshal interviewed in the widely broadcast network segment. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which also operates under DHS, is responsible for inspecting the trucks but the agency gives out “special exemptions” to food trucks serving planes heading to the Middle East. The agent interviewed in the broadcast was ordered to stand back and a supervisor later told him that “religious rights” prohibited the U.S. government from conducting even an “open and look” check on the cargo entering the airport grounds.
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22 Comments on A Massive Hole in TSA Security

  1. The whole reason for those intrusive inspections is to make us think they are their to accomplish something, not to actually accomplish anything.

  2. TSA is just another form of terrorism. Intruding on your privacy, ruining your vacation, violating your body. They have accomplished NOTHING since 9/11 except to ruin air travel.

  3. My last “commercial” flight was 2004 flying from Sacramento to Grand Rapids for my father in law’s funeral, when I almost got strip searched because of some old shrapnel I have in me set off their wand. When I told the TSA agent it was war souvenirs from Vietnam he just said sorry.

  4. Hey Donnie, want to win some more votes? Abolish the joke that is the TSA. Imagine the crossover votes!

  5. Bob M.
    JULY 16, 2019 AT 1:28 PM
    “Reason #1 – that I stopped flying in 2005.”

    …the problem is the evil that Muslims do with airplanes is not confined to travellers, as thousands of folks in and around the WTC could tell you if they weren’t entirely dead…

  6. Food for thought: the Israelis never rifled through the bags, they have never lost an airplane to terrorism. We should learn from Israel, and stop checking people’s dirty laundry.
    TSA is beyond useless!!!
    Eliminating TSA could cause an economic boom to airlines!!!!

  7. Bitch, bitch, bitch.
    Whine, whine, whine.
    Complain, complain, complain.
    Tits/Testicles Squeezers Association complaining that they don’t have more power over airline passengers from front door entry to front door exit.
    Nothing but security kabuki theater.
    So far, the TSA has caught ZERO muzzie jihadis, stopped ZERO acts of terrorism. Anything that’s been done, has been done by the PASSENGERS.
    And don’t give me crap about, “yeah, we caught ’em, but we’ve kept it a secret”. If the TSA has stopped anything (besides toilets with so much crap), you don’t think they wouldn’t broadcast it from every media?

  8. …….“special exemptions” to food trucks serving planes heading to the Middle East.

    Obviously there are no ‘special exemptions’ for Christians.

    Strange when considering it’s because of the Middle East that all this shit strarted.

  9. The massive holes at TSA…
    TSA has a lot of holes who work fo them,
    The vast majority of these are A-type personalities,
    The truncated term for them could be A-holes,
    We need to get a new system with people trained by Israel,
    The acknowledged world leader in airport security.

  10. Don’t fly.
    Being groped prior to being jammed into a pressurized germ tube with people who lack probity, or decent hygiene habits is past my tolerance levels.
    If I cannot whack a miscreant with a stick, then I shall drive, where at least I have the company of my own thoughts without the distractions of rude behaviors

  11. extirpates JULY 16, 2019 AT 1:52 PM
    “Food for thought: the Israelis never rifled through the bags, they have never lost an airplane to terrorism. We should learn from Israel, and stop checking people’s dirty laundry.”

    …they do it by profiling and by intense interrogations of people who look like terrorist to them. What the police used to call “Gut Instinct” back when they didn’t have Democrats telling them to not actually police, and putting them in jail if they DO.

    …would never fly in this country because, raayyyciss, or something, even though Islam is not a race…

  12. TSA wouldn’t be needed if one “perticlar” group of people couldn’t travel. Guess which one?
    The ones they don’t search.

  13. This is what happens when you have minorities working TSA. Employment numbers up? You betcha, govt hires the low IQ minorities. Overall TSA SUCKS. Just another government rat hole.

  14. TSA exists for another reason you forgot about: It’s “racist” to profile people and suggest that just because a bunch of muslims attacked us on 9/11 doesn’t mean muslim looking people will do it again. It’s only about 99.9% assured it’ll be another muslim, but that’s a “racist” statistic. Therefore, we are ALL treated like 6th century muslims because we don’t want to hurt the feelings of those people that attacked us and who will attack us again. IE, it’s a waste of money and more importantly a HUGE waste of TIME.

    So they come up with TSA PRE-CHECK. What a friggin joke. Just because I paid money that means I’m not hiding a bomb, eh? How friggin retarded. I paid money for the gosh darn ticket to get on the plane–hello logic??

    MEANWHILE we are all being profiled anyhow via facial recognition and crammed into a database that can dig up dirt on you from now until the end of times (even long after you are dead your family will pay). Don’t look at the cameras. Oh, and the muslims are profiled LESS than you because it’s a religious cult violation or something like that.

  15. The next air-terrorists will fly first class. Expedited/abbreviated TSA inspection, no removal of shoes, etc. What a joke.

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