A maverick? Hardly.

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The Maverick Mythology of John McCain.

According to Dictionary.com, maverick is defined as “a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.” Ostensibly, the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was nicknamed “The Maverick” throughout his lengthy political career by his Democratic and Republican colleagues, the mainstream press, and establishment figures.

If major newspapers, neoconservative opinion makers, and 70-year-old politicians are referring to McCain as a maverick because he was one of the top Republicans to side with former President Barack Obama on key issues, then you know there is very little intellectual diversity in the nation’s capital.

With his unfortunate and tragic death in the spotlight, the important question is: Why?

A Conservative Record?

As legendary commentator William F. Buckley would say, Senator McCain may have been “conservative,” but he wasn’t “a conservative.” In other words, McCain may have leaned towards conservative positions, but he was never embedded in the philosophical ideas of U.S. conservatism.

His political record was comparable to that of most elected officials sitting in the House or Senate. You could take any random name from the congressional rolodex and contrast their record with his and you would never notice the difference. McCain was the personification of statism, perpetuating the deadly and costly welfare-warfare state.

The distinguished senator from Arizona routinely voted for unbalanced budgets, spying on American citizens, a whole host of market intervention policies, and other big government initiatives.

Of course, McCain, like his doppelganger Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), will be most remembered for his hawkish foreign policy. Senator McCain never saw a war, a regime change, or a military-led intervention he didn’t like, no matter how asinine. While most people understood the errors of the Iraq War, it took McCain 15 years to finally concede that it was a mistake. Where was that kind of dissent in 2003 before politicians sent thousands to their death?

His rhetoric was just as damaging as his voting patterns. 

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  1. After the insults Obama gave him in public, McCain came to heal at his feet and was a Democratic bitch. Take that same pattern back to Hanoi and tell me again he didnt run his mouth to curry favor.

  2. A contrarian is a more fitting title for this grouchy prick. He was in the wrong party given his overall social views. Look at the other politicians he worked closely with, they all share the same habit of siding with the democrats at critical times.
    The air in Washington has gotten cleaner since saterday.

  3. I’m so tired of hearing about this asshole. Hopefully we can get a hurricane or an earth quake to change the subject

  4. “…a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates…”

    …and proposes to drain their swamp. Now, THAT’S a maverick.

  5. A stain on the word conservative and a failure as a leader of vision. His vision was one of collaboration of assimilation and accommodation of compromise of moral and intellectual premise and patroitism.

    I shall not comment on his sad life any more. His legacy will tell the tale.

  6. Question of the day: Why isn’t Aretha Franklin’s funeral getting 10X the media coverage Juan’s is getting? I guess because Aretha didn’t make it a point of dissing PDJT 24/7 for the last 18 months.

  7. @Loretta in Indiana, I still can’t believe she hitched her wagon to McCain. WTF was she thinking? I’d have told Johnny to go pound sand.

  8. Maverick? Not hardly.
    More like a spoiled, arrogant, vindictive prick who ended up funding ISIS and other islamic factions who killed our US Military.
    He has dishonored his father’s name, his name and his nation.

    Hasta La Vista Juan, don’t let the gates to Hell hit you in the ass.

  9. “Why isn’t Aretha Franklin’s funeral getting 10X the media coverage Juan’s is getting?”

    I know that”s right… No R-E-S-P-I-C-T for her at all.

  10. Who’s going to run his Deep State West, better known as The McCain Institute?

    And what is this shit I hear about Mega-McCain plopping her ass down in her dad’s Senate seat?

  11. I wonder how His Voting Record differed from when His Father was still

    alive? Seems to Me lil Johnny spent the last 30+ Years getting back

    at Daddy and Grandpa ….And the USA.

  12. “John taught us how to lose. … He failed a lot, but he never quit.”– Lindsey Graham

    Coming from Lady Lindsay, that sounds kind of catty. Damning with faint praise at best. I guess their relationship was…complicated.

  13. Sorry but I just had to copy and paste this .
    When a client gave Samuel A. Maverick 400 cattle to settle a $1,200 debt, the 19th-century south Texas lawyer had no use for them, so he left the cattle unbranded and allowed them to roam freely (supposedly under the supervision of one of his employees). Neighboring stockmen recognized their opportunity and seized it, branding and herding the stray cattle as their own. Maverick eventually recognized the folly of the situation and sold what was left of his depleted herd, but not before his name became synonymous with such unbranded livestock. By the end of the 19th century, the term maverick was being used to refer to individuals who prefer to blaze their own trails.
    Seems to me the word Maverick and dumbass are as one.


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