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A mayoral recall is murder-capital New Orleans’ last chance

NYP: People who want cities to succeed post-COVID should be heartened by the news out of New Orleans: a spunky, no-holds-barred movement to boot the second-term mayor, LaToya Cantrell, out of office. 

The “No LaToya” recall campaign may be New Orleans’ last chance to avoid reaching a tipping point. It’s still missing 15% of its tourist jobs, and crime is rampant: A random attacker stabbed two people Saturday in the French Quarter. 

The United States has had a bad time since 2020, but New Orleans has really had a bad time. This year, 203 people have been murdered, a third above last year and more than double the pre-COVID level. 


The killings bring the murder rate to an unheard-of high. In a city with a population shy of 400,000, the current pace is an annual murder rate of 70 per 100,000, multiple times the national average.  

Most of the victims are black men and boys. But this year’s fatalities also include a middle-aged woman dragged to her death by four carjacking teens and a 17-year-old girl killed by a stray bullet. 

Cops are deserting the force by the hundreds.  So if you were the mayor, what would you do?  more

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  1. A city of corruption, satanists, murderers, perverts, thieves and car jackers. The description could be said of any Democrat Controlled major city.
    What’s not to like?

  2. I think that there is more than enough video evidence to justify proactive self-defense via lethal force when being approached by a …… Well, you know what I’m talking about. Animals.

  3. Any male or female name that begins with “La” and ends with some made up negro nonsensical slang, I automatically deduct 75 IQ points.

  4. I had an install in Orlando back in the mid 90s and on the return to CO, the crew that I took wanted to spend a couple days in NO. So we motor into town and park near the French Quarter to grab a bite and be touristas.

    No sooner than the 4 of us pile out of the van and are making a plan than we see a black guy seemingly running for his life coming right at us. Hot in pursuit are 4 cops.

    When the dude gets right in front us, he stumbles and the cops are on him, raining down blows with night sticks. The sound of these things cracking this guys body were something else.

    Well the guy is incapacitated and in about 5 minutes a wagon pulls up and he’s pitched into it. No ambulance for you Jack. We looked around and at each other, got back in our truck and skedaddled.

    Actually the entire drive across Louisiana was otherworldly. There is no state like it.

  5. I spent maybe 5 or six weeks last year doing electrical service restoration in LA for Ida, about half of that in and around NOLA. NO is a shithole, you can drive any of the main drags in the city and see degenerates shooting up, sh!tting on the sidewalk or OD’d and waiting to die. NO is the third world, filled with third world degenerates doing third world bullshit. I will never take another storm call for LA ever- it was miserable and the local officials were corrupt and dishonest. I will say though, get out of the city and the Cajuns and Creoles are the finest, most friendly, pleasant, giving people in the world, God bless them and keep them.


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