A Millenial’s Mom

TheOdd1sOut is one of those YouTube channels that sort of grows on you over time. The creator has a quirky sense of humor and is a good storyteller. Here’s his take on how his mom is among the best. Watch

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  1. Kinda cute except for the construction worker comment. This fixation on college degrees is doing more harm than good plus there is great dignity in construction/trades work than millennials can imagine. An iron-worker can see the fruit of his labors decades later. A programmer can see his labor vanish after lunch with release 2.0.

  2. @F4UCorsair: Agree on the construction worker comment. I have worked closely with many construction workers in my life; they are the salt of the earth. The video would have been better if she had pointed to a homeless person, and said stay in school.

  3. I don’t take it as the son’s opinion. He’s restating what his mom is always telling him and let’s face it, a lot of parents still seem to think that a college degree is worth the hundreds of thousands that many of the parents will help or wholly pay for.

  4. I agree with F4UCorsair about the construction worker comment, regardless of the YouTuber’s opinion on it. I have two degrees and while the second one isn’t worthless, I regret bothering to do it and wish I had done something else, or nothing else (academic, that is). (BTW @ F4U: Our library last year completed major renovations, including removing a very large set of outdoor stairs. Initially they’d thought they could be removed in a weekend, and it ended up taking them three months – good American steel and solid construction that those who put together could indeed be proud of all these years later.)

    On top of that, I know at least two guys from my cohort who don’t even use that degree and work in construction, where they make tons of money – and they enjoy it, even in the cold weather we have.


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