A Millennials’ Guide to the Clintons

Breaking down the anatomy of Clinton corruption with examples for those too young to remember

LifeZette: Congressional committees and the Clintons are the roadrunner and coyote of modern American politics. The Clintons are the clever, slippery, impossible-to-catch road-runner while the Congressional committees are the bumbling, self-exploding coyote, and every Clinton investigation they undertake is an Acme rocket pre-ordained to blow up in their face.

From past experience, we know that Clinton presidencies are all about shutting down the business of America because there is call to investigate the president. And, despite the ongoing motif of Clintonian indignation, their scandals are always of their own making. Calling the Clintons corrupt is like calling the Grand Canyon “that ditch in Arizona.”

Millennials — especially those who supported Sen. Bernie Sander in the primaries — have been shocked and angered by Clinton’s mendacity and propensity toward scandal. Those of us who remember the 90’s well, however, are less shocked.

Here’s a quick user’s guide to recognizing and navigating a Clinton scandal:

First, understand the anatomy of a Clinton scandal. Then, slice it open to find its seeds.
Clinton Scandals are like Russian nesting dolls. You look inside the big one and that’s where you’ll find another and another. There’s an old axiom that it’s not the crime that gets you, it’s the cover-up. The Clintons are living proof that it’s nothing more than an axiom.

You remember the Benghazi scandal, and how the investigation of the Select committee on Benghazi discovered the entirely new scandal that Hillary Clinton had used a private email server when she was secretary of state.

But you might not remember Whitewater — a scandal that started when Staying Alive by the BeeGees was tearing up the Billboard charts and ended when the popularity of The Backstreet Boys was peaking. Clinton’s go-to attack on Trump is that some of his business ventures have failed. Trump steaks. Some of his casinos. But nobody ever talks about the time the Clintons tried their hand as entrepreneurs. They bought some land to build some condos; years of federal investigations would follow. Those investigations stumbled across more scandals, two in particular:

1) Travelgate was discovered as part of an investigation into Whitewater. In 1993, the Clintons allegedly dismissed travel office workers to hire cronies on the taxpayer dime. Hillary Clinton, who was accused of being ringleader of the scandal, was appalled at the accusations. Seven years later, a story in the L.A. Times summed up a report by independent counsel Robert Ray, saying “There is ‘substantial evidence’ that First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton lied under oath in denying that she played a role in the 1993 White House travel office firings.” What a surprise…

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4 Comments on A Millennials’ Guide to the Clintons

  1. What continually amazes me is that Clinton supporters acknowledge the corruption, but either ignore it or explain it away. A favorite excuse is that the Clintons were never convicted, or that their actions were really not serious crimes. The only time I see Clinton supporters flabbergasted is when I ask “how did the Clintons amass such a fortune by supposedly doing nothing after they left office?”

    I don’t understand ignoring demonstrated corruption.

  2. Wyatt: The excuse that drives me up the wall is “…oh all politicians lie”. Or “all politicians are corrupt”. My response is “that is why we need an outsider to drain the swamp”. Usually falls on deaf ears.

  3. This cannot be denied: Bubba was impeached, lost his license to practice law, had sex with a young intern in the oval office.

  4. Travelgate alone should disqualify the Clinton crime family.
    Imagine people so vile and soulless to produce false charges against individuals in order to enrich their friends.
    They were willing to RUIN PEOPLES LIVES to reward themselves and their evil friends.

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