A Nation Crashing With No Survivors

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

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  1. Claudia

    Nancy said we will just have to mow a little wider path. I’m thinking we invest in Caterpillar now.

  2. I drove through Canada in the mid 1990’s to get to Alaska. Calgary was still like being in Montana. good people, Kind. North of Edmonton it became good people, Harder in their bones.

    My last stop in Canada was in Haynes Junction at a motel bar and believe me the female bartender and the 7 foot Injun could have taken over 700 square miles of land before I ever was aware….

  3. The little prick (Trudeau the Younger) is going to be up against it in a year. The new leader of the Conservative Party is finally showing that he may just have what it takes to destroy Justin and the Liberal Party looters in an election campaign. Canada under former PM Harper had balanced budgets (or at least damn close), won four elections (2 minority governments and 1 majority) then the liberal backroom boys dug Trudeau up and ran him in a safe parachute riding and got him elected as party leader. Then a couple of years later too many Canadians went insane and elected this simple minded moron. Everytime he steps out without a teleprompter or his handlers he writes Conservative Party election ads. With a touch of luck the Liberal Party will be destroyed. The problem is it’s going to take years to repair the damage they’ll have caused during their term.

  4. scr_north,
    Sounds like familiar recent US history. Can you say Barry O’Bozo? Can you say Donald J Trump? I knew you could.

  5. Scr_north yeah but you guys just released a greyhound bus murdering canibal head lopper into the general population! My grandkids live up there, what the heck will a new government do to change that decision?

  6. scr_north,
    What a depressing video. Can all these immigrants vote? Because if they can you’re lying to yourself. Better migrate down here pal.


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