A New Entry in the BFH Pet Portrait Gallery

This one is actually a repeat. It’s the second portrait I’ve done of Peeve.

To see the first portrait of Peeve, and to perhaps have a portrait of your own done, visit the Pet Portrait Gallery.

21 Comments on A New Entry in the BFH Pet Portrait Gallery

  1. BFH, you own the world of pet portraits.
    No doubt about it.
    I’m looking at your portrait of my dogs, Bella, Mitchell, and Phil.
    Bella is no longer with us, and I asked you for their portrait knowing she would not with us too much longer.
    Thank you for keeping her alive in my memory.

  2. Fur, this is one of my favorites of your work, to date. Man, you just keep getting better and better. Nicely done!

  3. Nobody does pet portraiture better.

    Fur has done 3 for me, some going to people who have lost their animals. If you want to give a really personal gift, there is nothing better than a BFF portrait.

    Expect tears.

  4. Whilst the overall portrait is indeed, quite beautiful…. I’m somewhat at a loss as to why the dog isn’t smoking a pipe, wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat and/or holding a deck of cards.

    I should send in a pic of Andy, my turtle. He wears a cowboy hat and sports a lil’ monocle.

  5. Well…. he’s a lil’ shaver. Can’t see it costing very much or taking long to do…. tell ya’ what. Let’s make it worthwhile by you adding on a life size portrait of a giraffe.

    Either vertical, taken from a standard nature shot…. or horizontal as the only pic I have of the giraffe in question got shot to pieces back in 94′.


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