A New Jersey High School Tackles Alien For a School Play and Gets Rave Reviews

This looks extremely creative and innovative in some respects.

The use of video to show action outside the spaceship is something a Broadway production might look into utilizing.

12 Comments on A New Jersey High School Tackles Alien For a School Play and Gets Rave Reviews

  1. Awesome job for a bunch of kids!

    It warms my heart to see that the creative streaks in children are still being encouraged to flourish while we are in the middle of a victim-mentality-status deluge from snowflakes posing as teachers.

    I hope these kids go on to greater things and are the better for trying to do this on their own.

  2. It’s great to see that there are students who are want to be creative and they don’t afraid to act. I wish that more students will follow the same path to make our world a better place. I know many guys that are trying to help others who are pursuing dreams. They work for https://edubirdie.com/college-application-essay-writing reviewing and giving advice for college applications. Hope that their work is very important.

  3. I find it hard to believe that the media didn’t beat them up for not accepting the alien as just a needy soul just looking to feed his family and a job and accept it (politically incorrect word) as a fellow life form with open arms.

  4. Hat’s off to the plays costume designers and stage work. A great job requiring hard efforts. Very good production.


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