A New York Minute


While musicians performing from their balconies in Spain and Italy have gone viral, this singer in New York City got a different reception. Watch the hilarious moment a person singing out of his window was told to stop by one his neighbors. “Shut the f— up!” the annoyed man shouted in this funny video filmed near East 93rd Street. “How NYC handles balcony singing,” Twitter user Zoe Stuckless wrote in her post.


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  1. I agree. STFU!

    Pretentious opera pisses me off!

    Any Idea how many tax dollars get sent to the Higher Arts where even if you wanted to see it ya need $600 bukaroos!

    Pelosi: “Tack on $35 million for the Kennedy Center” while the Dow falls like a Lawn Dart!

  2. Seeing as the Kennedy Center was brought up, they laid off and stopped payment to their musicians upon the stimulus being approved. So what was the money earmarked to them for?

  3. If I can make it here, I can make it — SHUT THE F**K UP!!

    I like New York in June — SHUT THE F**K UP!!

    I’m taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River line / I’m in a New York state of mind –SHUT THE F**K UP!!

    Rough crowd tonight, ehh pal?

  4. Let’s face it. New Yorkers are either immigrants or the offspring of British loyalists from the revolutionary war.

  5. Different Tim @

    Pelosi alone could bankroll the place for a year but apparently it is the common man who should dig a little deeper. Net worth 16 million allegedly

    Also of note: Cenk Uygur went absolutely berzerk when his staff at TYT (The Young Twats) tried to Unionize. He said, “that they would not be profitable if they unionized” and started throwing stuff,as per Ben Shapiro. He was a big Bernie supporter.

  6. Different Tim,

    Valjar, and Susan Rice are board members of the Kennedy center. Beginning to get the picture?

    San Fran Nan’s earmarks are designed to keep the gravy train rolling and mouths shut.

  7. Thank gawd the true cynics like our beloved BFH have moved South, Waaaay South! As they say, before a species goes extinct they always travel towards the Equator. Hmmmm?

  8. hey, it’s New York … whaddiya expect?

    “These Covid Blues are gettin’ me down
    I want to depart from it … New York, New York”

  9. Brooklyn Rhapsody –
    Don’t make me look to find you,,,
    I’ll throw you off of your balcony,,,
    to be found face down in the street…
    Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody
    Will everybody round here ,,,
    just Shut the F’ up…..
    RIP Freddie Mercury


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