A Pet Portrait Has Been Added To Our Gallery

This stunning canine is Gator.

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18 Comments on A Pet Portrait Has Been Added To Our Gallery

  1. What a beautiful, intellegent face. You can actually see some gears turning behind those soulful eyes.

    Good one, Fur. Brush strokes and shadows; brilliant!

  2. BFH, have you ever done or thought about doing tattoo work ? I had my two Rotties done on my chest and my two American Pitbull Terriers on my forearm.

  3. That’s some very awesome brushwork fur, BFH! I know how hard that is to get right. 🌟
    I want to pet him-good dog!

  4. Claudia
    JUNE 3, 2020 AT 4:30 PM
    “What a beautiful, intellegent face. You can actually see some gears turning behind those soulful eyes.”

    …Fur is EXCELLENT on eyes and expressions, and I’m always glad when I look at the portrait of my Mini he did before she went blind that I’ll always have those lively eyes sparkling with canine cupidity captured for all time.

    But this is Gator’s time to shine, and what a magnificent fellow HE is! Bet the patriot HE lives with is NEVER bored with THIS guy around!

  5. That’s my guy, Gator! He was a good boy – unfortunately he passed away a few months ago and we miss him very much. Sometimes I feel like I can still hear him howling at his favorite tree. The painting is incredible and now we have something amazing to remember him by. Awesome work BFH!

  6. ….sorry for your loss, Gatorbuddy, losing a good dog is like losing a good friend, but the memories of loving live long after the pain of loss subsides, and you realise how blessed you were for those years God left His dog in your care, and if you’re like me, you wouldn’t have traded it for anything…

    God blessed you for the time you had him, but he’s in the Lord’s care now, and the reunion when you make the journey will only make Heaven that much the sweeter.

    God Bless,

  7. Dogs are the best. my Ridgeback got fussy and whiney tonight round midnight and she usually sleeps like a stone.

    I didn’t hear a thing (besides her) but when I woke up irritated to shush her she literally threw herself across my body. She was tensed up and her ridge was standing.

    I quickly grabbed my Maglite and and pistole and scanned the room.

    My Belgian was on full alert by the door. I had an intruder alright, a huge brown bat was sweeping around the room.

    I found its hidey hole in the rafters right above my bed. Probably dangling there for hours while my pups tried to warn me.

    Gotta love Dogs, a cat would have run for the hills..

  8. Cisco Kid,

    My cat, BooBoo, would catch the bats in the house and eat them. I often found pieces of bat wings under my bed. She feasted while I slept!


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