A Picture says a lot

[…] The problem is that this photo is staged, and the poor kid is actually inside a cage because he was put there by a bunch of loudmouthed anti-border protesters (who are the other people carefully cropped out of the photo).

We don’t really want to add to the flood of fake news, but if the Left wants to make false claims about this picture, why shouldn’t we make even better false claims…?

Get the rest of the story at Stilton’s Place.

8 Comments on A Picture says a lot

  1. Uhhh … why would anyone have to sell l’il chillens (or anything else) in “The Perfect Utopian Socialist State?”

    Money has no meaning under socialism.

    Socialism brings plenty of everything to everyone, doesn’t it?
    You know, free shit for everybody?

    All seriousness aside, we have no reason to lie, deceive, or misrepresent – the clarity and “reason” of Liberty and Freedom should be apparent to all sentient creatures (yes, even the marginally sentient, such as Demonrats).

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I have the same Meme

    But the caption is

    ” Space Force begins loading Cargo…Godspeed Alejandro”


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