A Pooch & A Patriot

h/t Doc.

via Chihuahuas are awesome /fb.

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  1. My Chihuahua was chewing on my hand while I watched the patriotic pup. You haven’t lived until you’ve adopted a rescue Chihuahua!

  2. I wanted to share this via the facebook link above, but you wont believe what it describes. I deleted it immediately. Was to disgusting to post. I will share this the non-traditional way.

  3. Charlie WalksonWater- Sorry! I have no idea why it picks up a comment from a different post! It does that sometimes. So strange.

  4. My brother and his wife adopted a rescue from a Quebec shelter which was supposed to be mostly Chihuahua and some other small pup. Well, Bennie is now 60 pounds, can put his paws up on my brothers shoulders and seems to be still growing. Still thinks he’s a lapdog though. Good thing they love the pup.

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